Limited Time Offer

$50 Credit for only $35

Rein in that excitement, just for a moment to read about the awesome value at Timezone! We promise you and the fam can go skitz on our games when you visit us with so many different options to play!

Whether you're gearing up to pew pew pew in our Laser Tag arenas or going head-to-head on Mario Kart with your 5-year-old, who seems to know more about the game than you do, there's something for everyone at Timezone.

Get $50 gameplay credit when you load up $35 onto a new or existing Powercard. Wait, we'll do the maths for you. That's an extra $15 bonus!

Only available for a limited time! So, just remember ... joy sticks at Timezone.

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Terms and conditions

Offer begins on Monday 20 July 2020. Only available in venue on weekdays Monday to Friday. Offer finishes Friday 28 August 2020.