1. How and when do I get my Free Drink reward?

The Weekly Drink Benefit is a Platinum member exclusive. Registered & subscribed Platinum members are entitled to a Free Drink every week. A one-time use voucher will be delivered to your registered email & phone (SMS) every Friday, usually at 04:00PM.

2. What if I don't receive my Free Drink reward?

In order to receive the Free Drink reward, you need do the following:
o Register your Platinum card(s) right here.
o Tick the box that subscribes you to Timezone communications.
o Check your junk mail as the voucher sometimes goes there.
o Your card must be classified as ACTIVE and not expired. This means that there is at least one transaction in the last 12 months. A transaction is defined as a game play, redemption or a card tap at any card reader.

If you do not receive your Weekly Drink voucher, drop us a note through the Contact Us function. Include information such as your registered email, Platinum card number(s).

4. How do I redeem the Free Drink reward?

Where else can you be rewarded for having fun? Head down to your nearest Timezone counter and present the email voucher to redeem your free drink.

5. What if I have multiple Platinum cards?

Platinum Free Drink Reward is applied as one voucher per active Platinum card. You will receive the amount of voucher(s) equal to amount of registered active Platinum card(s).

6. How long can I keep my Free Drink reward?

The Free Drink reward voucher will be valid until Thursday so don’t hold on to it for too long. Validation cannot be extended as you will always receive a new Free Drink voucher every Friday.

7. Can I unsubscribe from Timezone Communication and still receive my Free Drink reward?

Subscription to Timezone communication is required to receive the Free Drink Reward, other member benefits as well as promotions and offers are delivered through your registered email address & SMS. It pays to stay subscribed.