Need a way to bribe your kids to come shopping with you? Promise them a play session at the Timezone Chandra Bandar Jaya satellite location. We might be small, but we still feature your favourite arcade games. Whether you’re looking for bonding time with your friends, school holiday entertainment solutions for the kids or even just a resting place for sore feet – give Timezone a visit.

Chandra Metro Lantai Basement,Jl. Proklamator Raya No. 69,Bandar Jaya,Lampung Tengah
0725 - 25219
[email protected]
Opening Hours Senin - Minggu : 11.00 - 20.00 WIB
  • Arcade di Indonesia
  • Tempat Pesta Ulang Tahun Anak Indonesia
  • Menangkan Hadiah di Indonesia

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By Car: No hassles, parking is available in the mall

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