Bumper Bonus Bonanza

Have you heard the news? We’re taking bonus dollars to the next level!

We’re aligning our arcade pricing across both Islands and the best news is that everyone’s a winner!

We love taking things to the next level and helping our guests play even more games is our ultimate feel good. With immediate effect we’re increasing the number of bonus dollars you’ll receive when you top up you Powercard.

Even better this isn’t a one day a month offer, can you believe it? The big boss has actually let us do run the bumper bonus all day every day! Now every day will feel like a Double Dollars day!

Bonus Dollars Chart


Why are you changing your pricing?

We’re aligning our bonus dollar values across both Islands. Previously we had different bonus dollars in the North Island and the South Island which didn’t really make sense. You can use your Powercard at any Timezone venue, so it makes sense that our pricing is the same wherever you visit.

What happens to the bonus dollars I currently have on my Powercard?

Nothing changes with the number of Bonus Dollars you’ve previously received when you topped up your card. With immediate effect when you next top up your Powercard you’ll receive your Bumper Bonus Dollars.


Will you still be running Double Dollars?

Yes. Yes, we will. But we will be reducing the number of times that we’ll be running them. This is because we’re giving you Bumper Bonus Dollars EVERY TIME you visit! How cool is that? No more having to hang out until the first Sunday in the month!