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Blog Keep Your Powercard Safe

Keep Your Powercard Safe


Well Padawan, we’re glad you asked. All Timezone venues use a super-simple reloadable tap Powercard system that allows you to store your credit balance and the amount of Powertickets you’ve won on the card. Simply choose your Powercard in venue, load it up with credit or the TimePlay package of your choice, and swipe or tap to play away!

The price of the game is automatically deducted from your card balance, and any Powertickets you win are saved on the Powercard, making it easy to swap your winning tickets for cool prizes from our open prize stores. We tell you a bit more about our different Powercard tiers here.


Because we’re cool like that, we’ve made it easy for you to register your Powercard in venue, simply head on over to your local venue and see one of our friendly team members. Or you can register from the comfort of home by visiting Timezonegames.com Why do this, you ask? Well:

  • You’re now enrolled in the school of REWARD! Check the benefits HERE
  • If you do lose your card despite all our warnings, you’ll have the Powercard number saved at the venue, which makes it possible for us to reissue you with a new card in your closest Timezone venue – for free, and with your credit and Powerticket balance intact. Take care of it this time, please?

These are all good reasons to make an official bond between you and your Powercard.


Being the proud owner of a Timezone Powercard means endless opportunities to reward yourself (and your friends and loved ones) with loads of fun. So keep it safe – it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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