Double The Love At Timezone!

Add some sweetness to Valentine’s Day by treating your loved ones to a trip to Timezone.


Get your Halloween fright on with these spooky arcade games!

BWUHAHAHAHA! By the way, that’s an evil laugh, guys. Does it shiver your timbers? No...? Well, these five scary arcade games you can play at Timezone should do the trick!


Timezone Charlestown Set To Open For State-Of-The-Art Makeover

Timezone Charlestown reopening Friday 27 September. Find out more!


Timezone Surfers Paradise Is Levelling Up!

Timezone Surfers Paradise is reopening on Saturday 9 November. Join us at 10am for the relaunch ceremony!


Timezone Haymarket Making It's Mark - Double Dollars on Opening

Timezone Haymarket is opening its doors on Saturday 6 July. Find out more here!


Timezone Highpoint Just Got A Makeover

Timezone Highpoint just got a makeover and is opening Saturday 22 June.