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Frequently Asked Questions

Our extensive FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about Timezone.

If you have any more questions that go unanswered here, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 421 567.

Rewards FAQs

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Rewards FAQs

What is Timezone Rewards?

Get rewarded for playing? Yes! Timezone Rewards is a membership program that gives you exclusive benefits for playing at all Timezone venues within Australia. Benefits vary according to membership tiers and range from bonus game credits, discount gameplay, exclusive benefits and so much more.

How does Timezone Rewards work?

You can join Timezone Rewards by registering your Timezone Powercard online via the member portal. There are four membership tiers:


Welcome: A warm Welcome to Fun! Purchase a Welcome card in any of our venues by loading a minimum of $1. Register your card and you will be enrolled into the Welcome Tier.

Blue Elite: Be part of an Elite force. Reaching 50 Reward Points will upgrade you to the Blue Elite Tier.
Gold: Go for Gold! Reaching 250 Reward Points will upgrade you to the Gold Tier.

Platinum: Truly a class of its own. Reaching 1,000 Reward Points will upgrade you to the ultra-exclusive Platinum Tier.


Please refer to the Rewards page for more information on rewards and benefits offered at different tiers. 1 Reward Point equals $1.

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are based on the net total load accumulated on a Powercard. We call these Reward Points. Your total Reward Points excludes bonus game credit earned from offers and promotions. One (1) Reward Point = One Dollar ($1)


Example: A load of $50 on a double-dollar offer shows a balance of $100 worth of game credits. The net load credited towards Timezone Rewards is $50.

How do I check my Reward Points?

Please create an account online via the member portal or download the Timezone Fun App, add your Powercard to your account and you'll be able to see your total Reward Points on your Powercards. Alternatively, visit your local venue

Already have a new Fun account? Login to member portal here

What are my Timezone Rewards benefits?

With so much fun and benefits available, please refer to the Timezone Rewards page for more information on rewards and benefits for each tier.

How do I become a Timezone Rewards member?

Create an account online via the member portal or download the Timezone Fun App, add your Powercard to your account and start getting rewarded. 

Why should I register my Timezone card?

By adding your Powercard to your online account you registered them with us. The benefits of doing this are to protect your balances and get REWARDED! You can earn rewards and stay updated on our exclusive offers and receive invitations to member events.

How do I know when I am eligible to be upgraded to the next membership tier?

You can check your current status level in your online member portal account or via the Timezone Fun App. Upon reaching the required Reward Points for a tier, our team in a venue will be able to upgrade your Powercard. Please visit your local venue to upgrade.

What do I need to do to receive my Timezone Rewards benefits?

Achievement and mid-tier bonus credit is sent to your Fun Account via an in-app redeemable voucher. Please login to your account via the Timezone Fun App to redeem. Discounted gameplay and free games are auto-credited into your Powercard upon meeting the required criteria.

To receive exclusive offers and Birthday Rewards, you need to be subscribed to Timezone marketing communications. You can do this in the member portal or the Timezone Fun App.

To upgrade your Powercard, visit your local venue with your Powercard to collect your new card.

Tell me more about birthday rewards

Birthday rewards are awarded to Gold and Platinum members only. There are two kinds of rewards:

  1. Birthday discount vouchers are either a 10% off for Gold cardholders or a 20% off for Platinum cardholders on standard birthday party packages and have an expiry of 365 days.
  2. Birthday credit vouchers are either a $10 game credit for Gold cardholders or a $15 game credit for Platinum cardholders and have an expiry of 30 days. 

Vouchers are sent to your Fun Account and must be redeemed in a venue before the expiry. To ensure you receive birthday rewards, please:


  1. Register your Powercard on the Timezone Fun App or Member Portal at least 30 days before your date of birth. 
  2. Hold either an active Gold or Platinum Powercard.

Will my Timezone game credit and Powertickets expire?

Powercards will expire 12 months from the last in-venue use date, at which time any unused balance and Powertickets will be forfeited. App reloads do not count towards extending your Powercard expiry.

What constitutes “last use”?

Using your Powercard in a venue to play games, load credit or redeem prizes.

When does my FREE daily game get credited to my Powercard?

Upgraded to Gold? Enjoy your free game the very next day! So, go forth my friend and play your FREE game! Free games are not transferrable to other venues.

Can I use my daily FREE games at other venues?

The daily FREE games that come with Gold and Platinum status are applicable to the venue that you loaded up credit in. $1 per 92 days must be spent for the daily free Yellow card reader game to be credited to your Powercard.

Can I accumulate my unredeemed FREE games?

Playing for free rocks! Though the daily free games are non-accumulative and will be refreshed daily.

How do I get a replacement for a lost Powercard?

Head into your local venue and see our friendly team who can help you in getting a replacement.

I’m currently a Gold Powercard holder and have 400 Reward Points, when will I receive my $25 game credit?

Who doesn’t love bonuses!? Gold and Platinum Powercard holders receive $25 game credit for each 250 Reward Points spent. Example: 500, 750, 1,250, 1,500, 1,750, 2,250. Every 1,000 Reward Points will be rewarded with a $50 bonus game credit.


The bonus credit will be sent to your Fun Account via an in-app redeemable voucher. Login to your account on the Timezone Fun App to redeem. Vouchers expire 31 days from when you receive the voucher.

One (1) Reward Point = One Dollar ($1)

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Social FAQs

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Social FAQs

Why are some promotions only available at certain venues?

Due to different offerings available at certain locations, not all promotions can be run at all venues.

What are bonus dollars?

Bonus dollars are an additional balance added to your card when you load up in venue or when you purchase a promotional product in store. This is additional credit awarded to you that can be used to play games in store.

How do I receive my Powertickets?

All points or Powertickets as we refer to them are electronically transferred onto your Powercard when you finish playing a game with a red coloured swiper. We no longer accepts paper tickets. Some sites may use paper tickets in some machines. Those sites will have a Fun Chomper ticket redeeming station, which will convert your physical tickets into Powertickets and load them onto your card.

How do I redeem my Powertickets for a prize?

Simply take your Powercard to the front counter and the customer service assistant will advise you of the amount of tickets you have available. You can then choose prizes from the redemption counter up to the value of the tickets you have available. If you do not wish to spend your Powertickets at that time they will remain on the card and any more power tickets won will accumulate. Powertickets have a 12 month expiry from last use.

Can I purchase a prize using cash from the redemption counter?

Prizes from the redemption counter cannot be purchased for cash. They are only redeemable for Powertickets.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours vary between locations, please check the Locations page for opening hours. Our venues are open every public holiday except Christmas day.

Do you provide food for birthday parties and other functions?

There are select venues that have a cafe on-site and can provide food for parties. Some venues also have deals with local food providers for parties and functions. Please contact your local Timezone venue for more information.

How can I check my Powercard balance online?

You can check your Powercard balance online via the Timezone Fun App or the Member Portal

How do I apply for a job at Timezone?

Please visit the Careers page on our website and follow the prompts to apply for a job with us. Or you can apply directly in-venue.

How do I contact my local venue?

Visit the Locations page for contact information.

How long is my game credit and Powertickets valid for?

Powercards will expire 12 months from the last in-venue use date, at which time any unused balance and Powertickets will be forfeited. App reloads do not count towards extending your Powercard expiry.

Can I use my game credit and Powertickets at other Timezone locations?

Yes, both game credit and Powertickets are transferable between all venues in Australia including Zone Bowling and Kingpin!

What do I do if I've lost my Powercard?

If you have lost your Powercard and it is registered then you just need to go into the venue that it was registered at with a form of identification. Our Team Members can look up your details on the system and re-issue your card.

How long does a game of Laser Tag last?

Games of Laser Tag run for approximately 12 minutes.

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Birthday Party FAQs

Birthday Party FAQs

Is a deposit required when booking a party?

A $100 deposit is required when booking your party; the final balance is to be paid on the day based on your final number of guests. A minimum of 3 business days’ notice from the booking date is required to receive a refund of the deposit amount.

Is there a minimum number of guests for a birthday party booking?

There is a minimum 10 guests to enjoy the full experience of a birthday party with Timezone. This includes the party guest.

Is there an age limit for Timezone birthday parties?

The minimum age for a Timezone party is 5 years old.

Can I bring a birthday cake?

You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake! Please note that due to storage constraints we are unable to store your cake for you.

Can I bring my own food?

Feel free to discuss your requirements with us. You are permitted to bring birthday cakes.

Where do we eat?

As part of your booking, you will have 45 minutes of party space. Please enquire when booking your party with us, as some venues do not have an area to sit.

Can Timezone organise party invitations?

Party invitations are available! Download your digital birthday invitations here to print at home or head into your selected Timezone venue to collect some for your upcoming party.

Do we need to arrive earlier than our booking time?

We request that you and your guests arrive 15 minutes prior to your party start time. This will ensure that your party experience begins on time and that none of your guests miss out on any of the fun! All parties at Timezone commence on the hour.

Do we need to stay with the party?

We ask that you organise a parent or carer to be available for the duration of your party as a touch point for our hosts – this could be you, your partner, a family member, or friend (anyone attending the party to help supervise the kids).

What do you mean by carer?

A carer is a parent, guardian or adult responsible for supervising the party children and a touch point for Timezone. We recommend that carers are present for the duration of your party. Carers are there to ensure the kids are all in attendance during each activity, escort the kids to the bathroom and ensure they are behaving appropriately in the venue. If there is a problem the Party Host will inform the carers, so it is necessary to remain in the venue to be able to supervise the party.

How long is a birthday party at Timezone?

Depending on the party package you have chosen, Timezone parties are approximately 2.5 hours from start to finish.

Does the birthday booking need to be confirmed?

Someone from Timezone will call you at least the Wednesday prior to your party at the latest to confirm the final number of guests attending.

What games will the party be able to play?

Timezone has a colour system for games based on the type of game. The conditions that apply to each game type are as follows:

  1. RED card readers are ticket games and are available for the entire duration of your party based on the venue and chosen package.
  2. YELLOW card readers are video games and are available for the entire duration of your party based on the venue and chosen package.
  3. PURPLE card readers are prize games and may have no or a selected number of plays based on the venue and chosen package.
  4. GREEN card readers are attraction-based games and may have no or a selected number of plays based on the venue and chosen package.
  5. BLUE card readers are restricted or featured games and may have no or a selected number of plays based on the venue and chosen package.
  6. ORANGE card readers are photo booth style games and may have no or a selected number of plays based on the venue and chosen package.

No additional Powertickets are awarded during time play including birthday party packages.

Are there any restrictions for Laser Tag?


  • Be at least 6 years old.
  • Wear enclosed footwear - no thongs, sandals, or high heels. 
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance.
  • The Laser Tag Arena uses flashing lights, lasers and strobe lighting. 
  • Any persons that suffer photosensitivity epilepsy enter the maze at their own risk.


  • No running.
  • No jumping.
  • No crawling.
  • No physical contact.
  • No offensive language.

Play fair, play smart, and give it your all

For more information on Laser Tag, please see HERE

Can I book out the Laser Tag arena?

Laser Tag cannot be exclusively booked out unless your group fills the arena capacity. If you party does not fulfill the arena capacity, other guests may be playing in the arena at the same time.

Are there any age or height restrictions for Bumper Cars?

Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Only one person allowed per dodgem car. No Children under 4 years of age. Minimum height 112CM. Maximum weight 120KG. No loose articles allowed. No running. No bare feet. Safety restraint must be worn at all times. Keep hands on steering levers and feet in footrests during operation. No food or drinks allowed. Do not stand or step on bumper tubes. Do not bump rails. Please do not ride with seizures, neck or back disorders, heart conditions, motion sickness, pregnancy, prescription medication, dizziness or if intoxicated.


Traditional Bumper Cars

Limited 2 riders per dodgem car. Riders must be over 90CM to ride. No unaccompanied riders under the height of 130CM permitted. No food or drinks. No bare feet. No head-on bumping. Safety restraint must always be worn. No running. No loose articles allowed. Remain seated whilst in motion. If you suffer from the following, you are not permitted to ride: seizures, neck or back disorders, heart conditions, motion sickness, pregnancy, dizziness or if intoxicated.


For more information on bumper cars, please see HERE

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Gift Card FAQs

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Gift Card FAQs

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

eGift Cards and physical Gift Cards can be redeemed in venue. Just head in and choose your load up and hand the team your Gift Card!

Gift Cards can also be used online when booking social games at Zone Bowling. 

Where can I redeem my Gift Card?

Your Gift Card can be redeemed at over 80 TIMEZONE, ZONE BOWLING, or KINGPIN locations across Australia.

How long is my Gift Card valid?

All gift cards are valid for three years from date of purchase. To check your expiry date, please go to https://giftcards.timezonegames.com/

What value should I buy on my Gift Card?

  • $20-$30 - Play some games!
  • $50 - Spend some time ranking up the leaderboard or bring a friend!
  • $75 - Become the arcade hero and why not grab a drink as well?
  • $100 - Purchase a Powercard with a $150 Arcade Credit and experience everything the venue has to offer!
  • $150+ - Take your best mate, Partner, Sister, and Grandma and get your game on!  

Current load up deals can be found by going to Ways to Play

What can I buy with my card?

Gift Cards can be redeemed for Powercards, games and attractions, laser tag, bumper cars and more!

How do I check my remaining balance on a Gift Card?

To check the balance of your Gift Card, head to https://giftcards.timezonegames.com/ or for more information, call 1300 554 268.

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