Bumper Cars and Arcade Games to Satisfy Your Need for Speed

If you’ve got an insatiable need for speed, it’s a good idea to get your kicks away from the road! Fortunately, Timezone Entertainment Centres across Queensland are fully stocked with adrenaline-pumping Games and Attractions bound to satisfy your high-octane dreams. From Bumper Car rides to motorsport-inspired Arcade machines, Timezone Entertainment Centres are bursting with racing arcade machines that put your skills to the test. 

Below, we highlight just three of our favourites that help fuel your need for speed.

Mario Kart

Play the most immersive Arcade Machine featuring everyone’s much-loved Italian plumber in Mario Kart. For those of us who remember whipping around tracks like Bowser’s Castle and Rainbow Road on Nintendo 64, this modern arcade experience is bound to blow you away. Pick a beloved character and see who’s got the skills to come out on top – Wahoo!

Midnight Maximum Tune 6

Petrol-heads will love Midnight Maximum Tune 6. Featuring more than 80 famous cars from Japan and around the globe, choose your dream ride and race down real expressways at high speed as you compete for the top of the podium! Using a 6-speed transmission, this Arcade Game machine is perfect for gamers looking for a life-like experience.

Cruisin' Blast

Soak up maximum lights and sound with the Cruisin' Blast arcade racing game. From inside your covered cockpit, you’ll drag against other drivers across five dazzling courses and 20 high-powered vehicles. Have you got what it takes to speed through London’s bustling streets, Rio de Janeiro during Carnival or Madagascar’s jungle? Get behind the wheel and find out!

Increase the Pace with Timezone Bumper Cars

But there’s more than just the Arcade Games in Timezone Queensland that will satisfy your need for speed. The Bumper Cars at Timezone make sure you can showcase your driving talent! Selected Timezone Entertainment Centres in Queensland offer both Spin Zone Bumper Cars and Traditional Bumper Cars — check your nearest locations for details.

Traditional Bumper Cars

Grab a partner and load into a Traditional Electric Bumper Car — it’s time to see who’s got what it takes to crash their way through the competition while avoiding a big hit. Cruise your way around the arena and show everyone who’s the best driver in town. 

Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Discover a different driving experience with Spin Zone Bumper Cars. These solo-driven cars spin, whirl and rotate as you aim for the competition and weave between your opponents. Compete against your family and friends to see whether you’re the Fast & Furious driver you always imagined! 

Queensland Locations for Timezone Bumper Cars

Rise above your Bumper Car opponents in these awesome Timezone Entertainment Venues across Queensland. From Garden City to Indooroopilly, there’s bound to be an indoor Entertainment Venue with Arcade Games and Bumper Cars near you!