Calling all Youth Groups!

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A youth group is not just ten 16-year olds with the exact same interests, nope a youth group is a kaleidoscope of ages, and definitely maturities. We cater to the 13-year-old who thinks they are 18 with fun driving games, we cater to the 14-year-old, who is on the younger side, with flappy bird and the Simpsons. And we also want the leader to be included, and we all know age is not a limit when you are going for world domination on the hoops.


Wrangling the youth has been at times compared to herding cats, a challenge within a challenge. Timezone changes the game, bringing a variety of games targeting a variety of skills all in one location. A free run, within a contained environment, provides faux independence, while helping to keep the wider team safe.


The year to year activities can be somewhat repetitive, with making crafts, cooking on open fires, or even another trip to the bush. Mix it up with a change of scenery, and one that is not dependant on the perfect weather conditions. Change up the routine, change up the expected, and head into a Timezone to make memories.


Not all children are always at the same level, and that is the beauty of being an individual and learning at your own pace, therefore, when you head into a Timezone with a pack of varied levelled youth, you can guarantee that all levels of skills are accommodated. You do not need to be the best athlete, mathlete or English-ete (okay pretend that is a word) to skee ball your day away or ride the rainbow road with Mario. Fun is accessible to all levels.

Now leader, yes looking at you, from $15.00 per person, we can help your squad have the best adventure! Submit an enquiry HERE