Double The Love At Timezone!

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Yup, that’s right: Valentine’s Day is very nearly upon us. So, should you treat your significant other to the usual chocolates, red roses and corny Hallmark cards? Nah, here’s a better idea... We have it on good authority that a couple who plays together, stays together. Which means that Timezone has just become the number one dating destination for all kinds of relationships. Love is love, y’all!

Bonus: Timezone’s special “Double the Love” deal means that if you buy one Time Play Package between the 10th and the 16th of February this year, you get one FREE! Here’s how you can put the magic back into your relationship at Timezone…

The First Daters

First dates are nerve-wracking! Consider a typical dinner date: What if you order spaghetti and the sauce goes all over the place? What if you DON’T order spaghetti and your date thinks you don’t eat? Or a night at the movies... You don't really get to talk, navigating the whole “hand where they can hold it” situation can be awkward and what if the romantic movie makes you want to vom in your popcorn? Yeah, no.

A first date at Timezone takes the pressure off. It’s an opportunity to relax and get to know each other better while having actual fun. You’ll find out if your potential partner is a bit competitive, whether they have rhythm, what their favourite games are... And awkward silences are impossible because you’ll be too busy discussing the next game to play!

First Date games to try:

  • Ye Olde Claw Machine. Because winning a plushie for your crush is the ultimate "aww" moment – and shows off your skills!
  • Any two-player collaboration game, such as Space Invaders or Time Crisis – these are a good test to see if you’re compatible when it comes to collaboration and working together to solve challenges.

Spend your Powertickets on:

  • Hershey’s Kisses, to add some sweetness! (Powerticket value: 1,000)

The Golden Oldies

You’ve been together forever, you know each other inside out, and frankly, you think this whole Valentine’s Day thing is overrated and you’d rather be on the couch bingeing Netflix. But that’s precisely why you should head over to Timezone and try something new to rediscover that playful spark you used to have! Because there’s only so many times you can listen to the Witcher go “hmm”...

We suggest:

  • Seriously spice things up by tackling one of our scary cabinet games: The Walking Dead will test whether the two of you could survive a zombie apocalypse together, while Dark Escape 4D will boost your adrenaline and give the two of you that “we’re the last two survivors, so what shall we do next?” kinda feeling...

Spend your Powertickets on:

  • Socks. But not just any kind of socks: Flamingo Feet Speak socks and You & Me socks are cute, funny enough for a giggle and perfect for when you go home and get back on the couch. (Powerticket value: 1,200 each)


The Group Players

We bet that arranging date nights can sometimes be tricky ... And Valentine’s Day? Oh dear. But hey, bring the clan over to Timezone, where there are plenty of options to play and mingle with your loved ones. You’ll also be able to try different games with different people, spending time with everyone and doubling the fun!

Get your group on:

  • Karaoke is so cheesy yet perfect to mix some fun and love. Challenge each other to a sing-off on one of our karaoke machines or booths (or book a karaoke room!) Get competitive, partner up, and sing in chorus... Sounds good to us.
  • Laser tag – if you happen to find yourself in a Timezone with a laser tag arena, BONUS! Test the ties that bind and boost energy levels with a game of laser tag. The arenas are state-of-the-art, feature impressive lighting, murals and artwork and provide a great adrenaline rush for groups.

Spend your Powertickets on:

  • The World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies! Takes the fuss out of coordinating movements and keeping in touch with everybody. (Powertickets value: 1,800 per pair)

The Best Friends Forever

You’re not lovers, but you’re practically in a relationship anyway. Your BFF’s future partner will probably have to jump through hoops to live up to your standards, though, which could be a problem... But at least you have each other!

For better bonding try:

  • Air hockey. It’s a classic and allows you to talk away at top speed about all kinds of things while keeping an eye on any of the local talent that might walk by...
  • Dance Dance Revolution. When good friends who know each other well dance together, it’s often a spectacular sight. So come on, you owe it to all the other loved-up Valentine’s Timezoners – they want to see you dance! (And so do we.)

Spend your Powertickets on:

  • Our novelty Grow a Boyfriend/ Grow a Girlfriend kits. Yup. (Powertickets value: 480 each)


The Long Distance Lovers

Look, love is tough, and doing it long distance takes some serious guts and commitment. So what to do when you’re both far away from each other on Valentine’s Day? Well, chances are you'll each be close to a Timezone. So here’s what you do: arrange that each of you visits your closest Timezone at the same time. Find a game you both love, preferably with a bit of a competitive edge to it, then start playing it while giving each other live updates via your mobile phones. Then, take some cute pics in our photo booths, and swap them. Okay, so it’s still not quite the real thing, but it will keep you giggling over the silly things you do because you care about each other.

Spend your Powertickets on:

  • Rainbow Hearts BooBoo Backpacks – get packing for your next trip to see each other! (Powertickets value: 1,000 each)

The Frenemies

You're on again, off again, not sure if you’re together or very much apart... But maybe this time it could work out? Timezone will help you figure it out, one way or another. Keep it fairly non-combative, though: try games such as Stacker, Pinball and maybe take a ride on Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. See if you can find each other’s lighter side and the reasons that brought you together in the first place.

Avoid this:

  • If things aren't going well, stay away from the bumper cars. No, seriously.

Spend your Powertickets on:

  • A Luchador Thumb War Wrestling Kit – a low-key way to solve any disputes... (Powertickets value: 850)


All’s fair in love and play

No matter the couple, a date at Timezone offers endless opportunities for play, excitement, bonding, laughing and just having some good old fun. It’s the perfect way to celebrate love! And ending your Timezone date with a leisurely browse through our iconic prize vault just puts the cherry on top of a loved-up evening. Spend your hard-earned Powertickets on treats for your crush: there are loads of options to choose from, and they suit all tastes. So come on over and get your love on at Timezone!