What's The Buzz Around Hologate VR?


Get ready to enter another dimension with Hologate VR at Timezone. Featuring the latest virtual reality tech, this cutting-edge experience redefines the possibilities of gaming! Join us as we delve into the buzz surrounding Hologate VR, the go-to destination for gamers seeking immersive virtual reality experiences. 

What is Hologate VR?

Founded in 2011, Hologate now operates the world’s largest VR network, with more than 15 million players experiencing gaming on another level. 

First, get equipped with a virtual reality headset, sophisticated haptic vest that provides in-game feedback and a phaser to destroy your enemies. Then it’s time to enter a new reality, where you’ll battle robots and dragons, have snowball fights with friends and fight off hordes of brain-eating zombies.

And the best part? The game play is captured on our arena screens, so everyone can watch the action live as it happens. Get up close and personal with the future of video games at Timezone Entertainment Centres across Gold Coast, Sydney, and beyond. Experience Hologate VR's next-generation gaming and immerse yourself in an unforgettable virtual reality adventure.

Why Hologate is the Next Big Thing in VR Gaming?

It won’t take long to recognise that Hologate VR represents the future of gaming. Featuring unmatched immersion, outstanding graphics and a user-friendly design, it’s the ideal VR gaming experience for gamers of all skill levels. 

So, what can one expect from Hologate VR? You can battle it out with up to four friends in player vs player matches or everyone can team up together. Across multiple games, exclusive to the Hologate VR platform, finding a suitable challenge has been made easy.

Alongside an advanced graphic technology which creates a realistic environment with zero motion sickness. This makes Hologate VR games easy to learn, but difficult to master. Hence, you will have to keep playing to discover new worlds, obtain the high score, and earn bragging rights among your friends!

Who is Hologate VR for? 

Excited to see the future of gaming? Hologate VR isn’t just for hardcore gamers, but groups of teens looking for a new and adventurous virtual reality gaming experience! Meanwhile, families seeking a fun, unique bonding activity can also work together to conquer each challenge. 

Where to Play Hologate VR

Hologate VR is available at Timezone Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast and Timezone Top Ryde in Sydney. Plan your visit and experience what makes it so special alongside our other incredible Games and Attractions. At Timezone, there’s always room for more fun!