How not to be a sore loser

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Most of us have a competitive streak – we want to be the best dancer, beat the high score on Pac Man or snag the biggest Snorlax in the claw machine! And sometimes, if we don’t get our way, we sulk. But since Timezone is all about fun and good memories, we have some advice to avoid being a sore loser…

Live and let play

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again” is good advice in general – unless you’re hogging the machine. So, if you notice a long line of rather sad-looking people forming behind you, rather take a breather, try a different game and come back after they’ve all had their turn. You’ll probably find that the break has helped you rethink your strategy!

The young and the desperate

Padawans have much to learn – but they won’t if they keep getting their butts kicked with no end – or fun – in sight! If you have younger siblings or friends struggling to get their scores up or win a game, lend them a hand: sometimes with good advice, or sometimes by very subtly letting them win. After all, somebody (your parents, for example) probably did the same for you once before! Don’t let on that you helped them, and your reward should be a very happy face.

Grump-free zone

You just got smashed in Air Hockey. Should you:

  1. Jump up, kick your friend, embed the puck in the ceiling and stomp off
  2. Sigh, smile, shake your friend’s hand, get an ice cream and come back for a re-match

We ALWAYS choose b. Because ice cream. But also because sore losers can ruin the day for everyone. What you want is good fun, good memories and good friends – so be nice. It’s worth it.

Bring it to the ring

Just can’t shake your urge to compete? Bring it to the (game) ring: Timezone often has store-wide game-specific tournaments that allow you to test your mettle, immortalise your name on the high-score board and win some awesome prizes. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements!