Timezone Orion Springfield joins the ranks!

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Opening Friday 13 November 2020

Now, it’s common knowledge that there’s about a gazillion towns called Springfield worldwide. Do they have church spires? Yes. Museums and Fantastic Caverns? Yup. Efficient dry cleaners? You betcha. They even have The Simpsons! But there’s one thing that no Springfield has ever had, until now… its very own Timezone, coming at you soon, live and loud from the Orion Springfield Shopping Centre! To celebrate, we gave Springfield’s favourite fictional son, Homer Simpson, a behind-the-scenes peek at what’s in store for the luckiest Springfield community in the world…

Arcade games galore!

Timezone Orion Springfield boasts an impressive collection of more than 80 of the latest, greatest arcade games and entertainment options. With good reason, too: we fill over 1200 m2 with the most epic fun Springfield has ever had on offer! Your options include (but aren’t limited to) state-of-the-art experiences such as Halo Fireteam Raven, Jurassic Park, Rabbids VR and Dance Dance Revolution, while Atari Pong and a Foosball table speaks to the nostalgic among us.

If you need a bit of action, take on all challengers in one of the 7 Spin Zone bumper cars, and then get some adrenaline going with high-energy target-shooting game Nerf Arcade. Add Connect 4 Hoops, Wizard of Oz and massive lolly picker game Big Sweetland to the mix, and we’re pretty sure you’re set for months of fun as soon as our doors open.

Homer’s verdict: “Now we play the waiting game… Aah, the waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!”

Laser unfazed

Timezone Orion Springfield’s laser tag arena is a beauty and guaranteed to up your heart rate. Themed “Abandoned Spaceship”, it channels the artistic expertise of the folks at Onset Arts to recreate the interior of a derelict spaceship that’s been abandoned for decades… Well, we say abandoned, but who knows what strange creature lurks around the next bend, bathed in neon lighting and pulsating slightly to the high-energy background music? Set your laser tag to “stun” and get ready to join up to 24 other taggers in a Sci-fi rumble!

Homer’s verdict: “OMG, space aliens. Please don’t eat me! I have a wife and kids. Eat them!”

Party up in here

Congratulations: you’ve just discovered your new favourite party venue! Timezone Orion Springfield’s dedicated party room can host up to 60 people, celebrating everything from birthday parties and family celebrations to team-building exercises and corporate farewells. Not too shabby, we say! Timezone is famed for offering low on stress, high on fun party packages that take the pain out of planning a good time. Check out more on what we can help you with here or contact one of our friendly team on 1300 421 567 

Homer’s verdict: You like parties, huh? Well, I just remembered they’re having a big one down at [Timezone Springfield] this weekend…”


Remember the tragedy of the original Springfield bowling team, the Pin Pals? Homer’s anguished cry still resonates in our heads: “Well, I'm tired of being a wannabe league bowler. I wanna be a league bowler!” Unfortunately for him, leagues never going to be his thing. Which is why we figured we’d introduce him to Highway 66 Bowling at Timezone Orion Springfield: four lanes of mini bowling that’s just as fun as the real deal, but rather easier for the Homers out there! We also suggested he bring Bart and Lisa along for some bonding – Highway 66 Bowling is the perfect family day out.

Homer’s verdict: “Bowling! Bowling here! Get your bowling! Who’s ready? Bowling!”

Ready to win (loads of) stuff?

We know you’ve been waiting for confirmation, so here it is: yes, Timezone Orion Springfield will boast a snazzy version of our iconic Winners’ Vault! That’s 65 square metres of goodies to be won, exchanged for Powertickets or bought (if you just couldn’t get that score…) There’s something for everyone, no matter your taste: we go out of our way to pick high-quality, unique and fun prizes that will make you feel like the winner you are. So, are you ready to rock our games and take names?

Homer’s verdict: [chanting] “You can do it, Otto! You can do it, Otto! Help each other out! That’ll be our motto!”*

*Otto went on to snag a plushie from our massive claw machine, The Big One. Winning!

Get ready to make memories!

No matter where a Timezone may be, our main goal is to always create a safe, family-friendly space filled with the magic and entertainment needed to make brilliant memories. We’re a space where the Barts of the world can expend their excess energy, the Lisas can make friends, the Millhouses can let their hair down and the Marges can relax for a while.

Homer’s verdict? Well, basically, we think he’ll be making Timezone Orion Springfield his new home away from home. We’ve been struggling to separate him from the slushy machine. In his own words: “What’s the point of [leaving]? We’re just going to wind up back here anyway.”

Discover the Timezone magic for yourself: keep an eye on our socials for news and upcoming special deals related to the opening of the brand-spanking-new Timezone Orion Springfield. All together now: woo-hoo!

Exclusive Opening Offer

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