Ready Player One? - Timezone Rewards

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Let’s go! We spill the tea on what you need to do to accumulate points and level up to the next Timezone Powercard tier – fast!


This one’s easy, and only requires you to keep your eye on what’s happening at Timezone. Look out for special value deals and promotions such as double dollar days to get more bang for your buck. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages or ask in-venue to find out about cool opportunities – and spread the word!


When it’s time for your birthday, ask your friends to get you Timezone gift cards. They’re a double whammy: you get to spend them playing our huge range of epic arcade games and entertainment options, or picking awesome gifts in our iconic prize shops – AND the spend brings you one step closer to the next Powercard tier!


Host your party at Timezone and go wild trying all the games (at least once!): you’ll be levelling up without even noticing! Or, encourage your mates to host their own birthday parties at your closest Timezone, then whip out your Powercard and get earning. You could also arrange regular laser tag sessions with your friends: it’s the perfect opportunity to relax and play in a group, and built up your spend, too! Remember to present your Powercard at the counter to have the party package loaded. Only the per person amount will contribute to the Rewards program.


If you’re feeling a bit competitive and like you need to smash some goals, we suggest picking the games you find most difficult and spending time to perfect your technique on them. (Crossy Road, anyone?) This will eventually give you bragging rights, make you feel like you’ve accomplished something cool, and help you reach the next tier on the rewards journey!


Well, duh – the best (and most fun) way to achieve Platinum Powercard status is to just keep playing. Visit in your lunch break. Take the time to master your favourite games over the weekend. Become the local Dance Revolution legend. Take your friends and family with you to share the fun and make some good memories. Become an old-timer who lurks by the cabinet games, telling all who will listen about the epic launch of Halo Fireteam Raven at Timezone ten years ago, and how “they don’t make games like they used to”. (Because they’ll probably be making them better by then!) Basically, make Timezone your home away from home. (No sleepovers allowed, though. Seriously.) After all, where else are you going to get rewarded for having actual fun? Our thoughts exactly.

Now that you know how valuable your Timezone Powercard is, follow these tips to keep it safe...


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