Surviving the Spooky Season

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‘Tis the season to get your jump scares on! To celebrate Halloween, Timezone’s offering a special Halloween deal (coming soon!). Keep your eyeballs glued to our Halloween Page for more information, which we'll be dropping soon! And while you count down to the Spooky Season, brush up on how to have loads of Halloween fun at Timezone no matter what you like…

Shy & Sweet

Okay, so Halloween isn’t exactly your thing… You’d rather not dress up and be the centre of attention, but you wouldn’t mind getting out and having some fun, either. A night out at Timezone is the perfect no-pressure environment to indulge yourself while laughing over other Halloweeners going a bit haywire with the fake blood and nurse outfits.

Your perfect games: If you’re going solo and enjoying the people watching, spend some time on our Pinball machines or chase ghosties around in Pac Man. Brought a friend? Try Space Invaders Frenzy or face off on Midnight Maximum Tune! If you’re feeling more adventurous, catch the beat on Pump It Up Prime. Then treat yourself to a stroll through one of our iconic Prize Vaults – maybe a Harry Potter figurine catches your eye…

The Life of the Party

For you, Halloween is all about friends, family and having fun. No lone trick or treating on your watch! Timezone’s nifty party rooms are perfect for hosting a Halloween bash: decorate your's like a dodgy dank den filled with (fake, please!!!) spiderwebs and grinning pumpkins. Chat to the team at your favourite Timezone to find out more about your options!

Your perfect games: Laser Tag, Highway 66 mini bowling, Karaoke, Bumper Cars… The more people you can make part of your Halloween fun, the better!

The Hardcore Halloweener

You’ve seen it all, tried it all, and dressed up as Chucky once too often… If you find yourself uninvited from your BFF’s Halloween bash because you ate all the candy and scared the guests witless at last year’s Dungeon Party, make your way to Timezone and challenge yourself to a Halloween play-off: tackling every single spooky game we have, from least to most scary, and celebrating your wins.

Your perfect games: Pac Man, Luigi’s Haunted Mansion, Raving Rabbids, Jurassic Park, Deadstorm Pirates, The Walking Dead, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, Dark Escape: 4D, Zombyte Hologate… See?! You can totally get inspired for next year’s Halloween prank!

Find out more about some of the scariest games you can play at Timezone here!

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