Tierway to heaven - Timezone Rewards

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It starts with your first-ever Timezone Powercard... The Little Red Card that could, a feeling of the infinite potential held in the palm of your hand, just a tap away from adventure! Your red Welcome Card is the first step in your Timezone journey. You need it to play: simply request your Powercard, load it with $1 to activate it (or all the credit your heart desires, of course!) and start swiping and tapping to play.

Congratulations: you’re now part of our Timezone Rewards Membership program – it’s only gonna get better from here!

As you play (and win!), you’ll accumulate Powertickets on your card, which you can spend on loads of high-quality goodies in our iconic open prize stores. But there’s one major benefit to having this first Timezone Powercard and using it regularly: it allows you to level up to the next tier in the fun parade...


Once your Reward Points^ at Timezone reaches $50 on your Welcome Powercard, you’re rewarded with a Blue Elite Powercard. This baby allows you a discount on gameplay AND special tier-exclusive offers, adding an extra dimension to the serious business of having fun. Perfect for injecting some bounce in your swagger, and setting you up to journey to the hallowed halls of serious Arcade Fandom...


Welcome to tier three, a rather shiny Powercard guaranteed to brighten up your day! You’re playing in the big leagues now, and we’ll forgive you if you flash this pretty Powercard to make friends and impress people (read: your crush, who you want to catch ALL the plushies for and now can, thanks to going gold!).

A Golden Powercard is yours once you reach 250 Reward Points^, and bags you these benefits:

  • $25 credit upon achieving Gold tier.
  • $25 bonus credit every 250 Reward Points^.
  • Discount gameplay.
  • Daily free yellow swiper game.
  • Tier exclusive offers.
  • Invites to exclusive events.
  • Discount on redemption by e-mail.
  • Birthday bonus game credit of $10.
  • 10% discount on party package in your birthday month.

Not bad, huh. But it can get even better...


Okay, so to get to tier four, aka Timezone’s VIP Platinum Powercard, you’ll have to put in some effort. Like, get down to the business of playing games like it’s the only gig in town. Which it is, if you’re serious about becoming the ultimate Timezone Arcade Games Boss!

You qualify for the Platinum Powercard once you’ve hit 1,000 Reward Points^. Yup.

But the perks are magnificent:

  • $50 credit once you reach the tier.
  • Just like Gold, $25 bonus credit every 250 Reward Points^.
  • For every 1,000 Reward Points^, get an extra $50 worth of game credits!
  • Discount gameplay.
  • TWO free yellow swiper games DAILY.
  • Tier exclusive offers,
  • Invites to exclusive events.
  • Discount on redemption by e-mail.
  • Birthday bonus game credit of $15.
  • 20% discount on party package in your birthday month.

*TAKES DEEP BREATH* Try saying all of that three times in a row, like, really fast. Feeling like a Boss yet? Of course, you have to play to get there - and we have some nifty tips on the best ways to achieve Platinum Powercard status - just click here to find out more!

^What does Reward Points spend mean?

Reward Points refers to the total nett load accumulated on a Timezone Powercard while playing at Timezone. Reward Points excludes bonus game credit earned from offers and promotions. One (1) Reward Point equals One Dollar ($1).
Example: a load of $50 on a double-dollar offer shows a balance of $100’s worth of game credit. The net load credited towards Timezone Rewards is $50.


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