Time to Teach Fun!

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Teachers working day in and out to prepare, and shape the minds of the next generation, we applaud you. We believe that you are doing the hard yards, and the daily slog, trying to teach math, sight words, and hoping science is keeping the youth interested. We want to help and add some fun into your teaching year.


Taking the students on an excursion can be a brand-new experience for some of the children. We understand that not everyone lives in Canberra and sees Parliament every other day, and we want to add to this. Not every child gets to run free in an arcade, with hours of entertainment. Offering a new world, a world of shooting hoops, driving the streets with Bowser, or even a little in arcade dancing, a popular on shows.


Not all children are the competitive sport type, and we offer a different way to bring fun and sport together! They may not be a whizz on the basketball court, but they may win top score shooting hoops, they may have great aim on the skee ball machine, and they could have the perfect hand and eye coordination for a world of other arcades. A win doesn’t have to always be on the field, or in the pool, it can be in the arcades. And it might give the kids a chance to beat their teachers… better sharpen your skills Teach!

So next time you and the classroom squad are out on the road, pop into Timezone for some extra fun in your adventures.