Timezone’s Back, Alright!


We get it, iso was hard! We all started out wanting to be master bakers, spring clean extraordinaire, or even goals of learning a new skill. Four weeks later, we gave in and joined Tik Tok, watched all of Netflix (ALLLLLL of NETFLIX), and thankfully stopped the everyday Zoom Calls. However, we never gave up hope, the slimmer of happiness just out of our reach, the goal of going out into the ‘real world.’

And like that, we are back, the world has re-opened, and with thunderous applause, the opportunity to embark on activities that make us happy are now in our reach. And knowing this includes Timezone venues, we throw it to you, what does your adventure to Timezone look like?

We came up with a few suggestions:

No more walks! Exercise in style.

You look at your Fitbit, back to the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game, back to the Fitbit… the Fitbit will understand, you just can’t do another 5km walk during a cold, cold winter’s day. Time to get the step count the good old FUN way…. looking at you DRR. Jump on with your mates and battle it out. Work up a sweat all while laughing, which we all know is an ab work out…. Right? The Songs keep the beat, the steps keep rising and the fun times keep coming.

Seeing Friends in person!

You know you want to catch up, obviously, but do you really want to be sitting down talking, the exact same way you have on the 1000’s of iso Zoom Calls? We heard a no, and that is the correct answer. Time to catch up in the best way possible, shooting hoops, racing cars or trash-talking each other over the air hockey table. I mean we need to know, who is the ultimate ice ball champion amongst your friends?

Time to redeem that Prize.

You had your eyes on that prize before iso, and know it is sitting, waiting for you, calling your name. You may have even been tempted to just buy it online, but that has no joy, that has no build-up, has no crossy road. Your points are ready to be redeemed, and we are so excited to help you. Head on into venue and collect your rightful reward.

Okay, those are our suggestions, now it is your time, what are your plans for your first trip back to Timezone?

Timezone is more than just games, with Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Bowling and SO MUCH MORE. Find your game and start setting those high scores.