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Discover Arkadia VR at Timezone

SO what is Arkadia VR?

Long answer? Arkadia VR is a social virtual reality attraction designed for out-of-home venues (it’s not gonna fit in your lounge, sorry). Up to six players can immerse themselves in the arena per play. Teleport into a sci-fi arena, battle to become a pirate king (who doesn’t want that), ride a hoverboard, or travel the galaxy – whichever game you choose, Arkadia VR will transport you to a new universe. It’s also the perfect game to find out which of your mates you can trust in combat in the multiplayer gaming mode! You could also band together in the cooperative play setting or choose to go player vs machine in one of the single-player options.

TLDR: Arkadia VR is a ridiculously fun game to play. Once you put on that VR headset, anything can happen! It’s reality – but not as you know it… Arkadia VR allows you to choose from one of the following four game quests.

Travel the galaxy in Attek

Welcome to Attek Elite Squadron, soldier! You and your team will travel the galaxy in search of Mechrun’s Cyborg Colonies. Infiltrate these enemy bases and destroy all hostile forces. Gear up for war!

Attek is a 2-6 player, sci-fi-themed, co-op shooter. Players must work together to defeat a huge army of robots. Your team can move around the enemy base by using teleportation platforms. It’s a very fast-paced, ‘all you can shoot’ game with a grand boss battle finale.

  • Game Type: Multiplayer / Co-op Player vs Environment
  • Game Time: 5 minutes

Sea Bandits: all hail the pirate king!

The Pirate Council has assembled to choose their next king. Cue fearsome corsairs, bandits and adventurers all wanting to fight for the title! Join the battle, defeat all other challengers, and claim the crown for yourself. All in a day’s pirating, really.

Sea Bandits is a 2-6 players, pirate-themed, player vs player shooter. Players have to compete against each other for the highest score, and winner takes all. It’s dynamic and fun, highly competitive and very entertaining.

  • Game Type: Multiplayer / Competitive Player vs Player
  • Game Time: 5 minutes

Teleport to a sci-fi arena in Raverz

The Rave Arena awaits! Speed and strategy are essential to win this fight, so get ready to plan, move fast and shoot even faster. You must teleport often, get power-ups, and obliterate your opponents. Let the battle begin!

Raverz is a 2-6 players, sci-fi-themed, player vs player shooter. Users have to move around the battle arena using teleportation platforms, find power-ups and compete for the highest score. The game delivers a highly competitive experience by combining fast-paced action with combat strategy.

  • Game Type: Multiplayer / Competitive Player vs Player
  • Game Time: 5 minutes

Fly on Hoverboards in WingRUN

It’s what Marty McFly’s been waiting for! WingRUN is a 2-6 players, sci-fi themed, player vs player racer. While flying on hoverboards, players compete against each other for the highest score by sprinting on different racetracks. It’s an exciting and competitive VR experience that the whole family will enjoy.

  • Game type: Player vs Player racing game
  • Game time: 5 minutes

Ready to step into the ring? The Arkadia VR Arena is available at Surfers Paradise.

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