Parties at Timezone

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What’s a party without loads of good friends? Not much fun, that’s what. Luckily, we have some tips you can use to lure your pals to party with you. (No red balloons, we promise!)

What’s your theme?

Even the grumpiest guts enjoy an excuse to dress up… Pick your favourite Timezone game and use it as your party theme. Just imagine the cool selfies! Suggestions:

  • Angry Birds: somebody has to come as a magpie. Extra points for flapping after people who are wearing weird hats. If anybody comes as a chicken, point them towards Crossy Road…
  • Super Mario: whether you’re a princess or a plumber, you have an important role to play in saving the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Jurassic Park: dinosaurs rock. Always. We dare you to come dressed as a full-sized brontosaurus!

Game Olympics

Feeling competitive? Challenge your friends to a Timezone Game Olympics! Pick five very different games (for example: Air Hockey, Dance Dance Revolution, Hammer smash, Daytona & Pinball) and set up a round robin where all your mates have to test their mettle on each game. You can even give the ultimate winner a prize. Alternatively, get your friends to team up for laser tag or mini bowling battles. May the odds be ever in your favour!

Personality Plays

A clever fan once said that each game fits a different friend’s personality, and that’s why she brings her friends to play at Timezone. She’s right. Whether you’re shy, athletic, acrobatic, dreamy, brainy, competitive or an adrenaline junkie – there’s a game at Timezone that will suit you perfectly.

We’re better than Oprah

At Timezone, YOU’RE a winner and YOU’RE a winner and EVERYONE’S a winner! Sorry. We got a bit carried away… Partying at Timezone doesn’t just mean fun and friends – it also means winning. All those tickets aren’t for nothing: swap them for something awesome at our prize shop and keep the memories of your perfect party forever!  

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