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Ho ho ho! Get your merry on at Timezone!

Most of us are exhausted by the time December rolls around – and it doesn’t help that all the festive season celebrations dial up the pressure, too! We have to plan the perfect party, find the perfect gift, choose the perfect outfit, keep family fights under control… It’s all too much. (We’re hiding under the bed if anyone asks…)

But what if we shifted our festive season focus from ‘things’ to ‘fun’? As in, forget about accumulating stuff and rather spend time making memories with the people you love best in the world. That’s what we believe in at Timezone: giving the gift of fun and making it easy for you to relax. Here’s how we do it.

Perfect party spaces

Finding an appropriate venue for your end-of-year office party or festive family celebration can do your head in – that’s why Timezone makes things simple with our spacious, customisable party rooms and party packages. Decorate to your heart’s content and get ready to indulge in hours of play.

Festive games to play

Remember that saying “all work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl?” It’s true – and after the year you’ve had, we’re betting you’re feeling a bit dull. None of us play enough, but a festive season party at Timezone is kind of like a special prescription to indulge in the energising act of play: bowl your heart out, cheer at the top of your lungs, dance, race and laugh! Tap into what makes your inner child happy, or watch your kids have the time of their lives playing their favourite games – happy is how we’re meant to be.

Not sure if you’re into arcade games? We promise you: at Timezone there’s a game or entertainment option for everyone. Team up for laser tag, show off your moves with tenpin bowling, twirl, bump and dodge in the bumper car arena, rediscover your favourite arcade games, or simply relax and watch the smiles happen around you. But perhaps the best bit of celebrating at Timezone is that it provides plenty of space for family members that don’t quite get along to do their own thing, diffusing tension and avoiding party fails. Now that’s festive!

Give the gift of fun

A Timezone gift card packs double the punch: you’re not only giving the gift of fun, but also the gift of choice. This isn’t the kind of gift that ends up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere! A Timezone gift card unlocks hours of excitement for the lucky recipient as they explore our range of thrilling arcade games, rack up Powertickets as they play, and get to treat themselves to awesome prizes in our Winners Vault. Way better than a scented candle or another pair of socks… (Best bit: it’s the perfect last-minute gift choice, given how easy it is to get – you can buy a Timezone gift card online and get it sent instantly!)

So level up your festive season at Timezone!

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