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| Birthday Parties

Power up your birthday party at Timezone

What’s a birthday party without loads of good friends? Not great, that’s what. Luckily, we have some fun birthday ideas you can use to lure your pals to party with you. (No red balloons, we promise!)

Pick a theme

It’s your party and you can fancy dress if you want to – and make all your guests do the same! We love a dress-up party, and what’s better than using your favourite Timezone arcade games as costume inspiration? Perfect party selfies and TikTok cosplay inspo coming up… May we suggest trying these arcade-themed party ideas:

  • Angry Birds: somebody has to dress up as Moira Rose in The Crows Have Eyes. Extra points for flapping after random people and cawing at them. If anybody comes as a chicken, point them towards Crossy Road.
  • Mario Kart: whether you’re a princess or a plumber, you have an important role to play in saving the Mushroom Kingdom! (Or be a rebel and wear a Bowser costume – every party needs a goofy bad guy.)
  • Virtual Rabbids: channel these crazy-cute weirdos by wearing a full-sized fluffy rabbit suit. Remember the eye twitches and gibberish noises and accessorise with a toilet plunger.

Choose your challenge

Feeling competitive? Challenge your friends to a Timezone Tournament!

  • Step 1: Pick five very different Timezone games that two or more of your guests can play at the same time, and which challenge players in different ways, such as Air Hockey, Midnight Maximum Tune and Bean Bag Toss.
  • Step 2: Set up a round robin system where all your mates have to test their skills on each game. Keep track of who wins what, and how many Powertickets they rack up.
  • Step 3: Reward the ultimate winner with a special treat from Timezone’s iconic prize shop! You can even hand out prizes for best team spirit or funniest fail.

Another way to host a memorable party is to get your friends to team up for a Timezone laser tag battle, round of bumper cars or game of bowling

Personality plays

A clever Timezone fan once said that each Timezone arcade game suits a different friend’s personality, and that’s why she brings her friends to party at Timezone – because they’ll always find something they enjoy. She’s right. Whether you’re shy, athletic, an adventurer, dreamy, a strategist, competitive or an adrenaline junkie – there’s a game at Timezone that will suit you perfectly. That’s what makes Timezone birthday parties so great: they keep everybody happy!

We’re better than Oprah

At Timezone, YOU’RE a winner and YOU’RE a winner and EVERYONE’S a winner! Sorry. We got a bit carried away… Hosting a party at Timezone doesn’t just mean connecting with friends and having fun – it also means winning. All those Powertickets you rack up while playing aren’t for nothing: you can swap them for something awesome at our Winners Vault and keep the memories of your perfect party forever!

So are you ready to party? Check out our party packages!

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