Entertain your kids these April school holidays.

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Entertaining your kids can be the most daunting time of the school holidays. Thankfully we’ve put together a little list of things for your kids to do these holidays.

  1. Free activities! Shopping centres often host a ton of fun little activities for kids to participate in, especially during the school holidays. The best way to find out is by going to their website, or even Facebook page, if they have one.
  2. Organise an Easter egg hunt! It’s a classic activity that the kids will love. If it’s hot out, refrigerate the eggs first so they don’t melt while they’re being found!
  3. Find a local theatre that puts on live shows and bring the kids. Many theatres will put on free shows, but make sure it’s family friendly! If you live in Sydney there are also some great events on at the Opera House every so often that are family friendly.
  4. Learn a new skill. Look for workshops for horse-riding, pottery, art, rock climbing and drama. There’s only one way to find out if your kid is naturally talented at something!
  5. Museums and galleries. Many local museums and galleries have free entry and offer creative and interesting school holiday programs, sometimes free or for a small fee. These programs are perfect for budding artists, archeologists and scientists.
  6. Bowling! It’s a classic activity that is making a comeback. The more friends you can play against the better. There are usually bowling alleys tucked away in shopping centres somewhere, or you can always pop by Timezone to play a game of our mini bowling!
  7. Visit your local Timezone, there are packages to suit all budgets. Let the kids run wild and have a fantastic time whacking crocs, blasting space invaders, and winning those precious Powertickets.

Entertain your kids these school holidays

If you end up trying some of these activities during your school holidays, let us know! Share your experiences with us via email, or you always let us know on Facebook, just make sure you tag us @TimezoneAustralia.