It’s Spring Fever at Timezone!

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Question: would you rather have cabin fever at home or spring fever at Timezone? Now, to our minds, there’s only one right answer. But just in case you’re not sure what to choose, we’ll explain the reason for breaking out and spending your first day of the spring holidays at Timezone below…

Adrenaline Boost

Challenge: Your hamstrings cramp when you get off the couch. Your next step is…

Cabin Fever: Browsing through YouTube to find a good Yoga Stretch video, accidentally stumbling across some funny cat videos, segueing into a collection of supercuts of dance scenes from movies and four hours later you’re still on the couch with tight hamstrings…

Spring Fever: Rediscovering your energy – and oiling your joints – at Timezone! You won’t even notice that you’re getting a bit of a workout while trying your hand at iconic arcade favourites such as air hockey, Connect 4 Hoops and Pump It Up Prime. Well, okay, you MIGHT notice that you’re getting some exercise while on Pump It Up Prime – but who doesn’t love dancing, right? Just remember to hydrate while you’re at it.

Winner: Spring Fever!

Decisions, Decisions…

Challenge: You’re bored. Your next step is…

Cabin Fever: Hauling out the 1000-piece puzzle that you’ve already built five times over. Listlessly scrolling through Netflix. Apologising to your couch for not cleaning it in, like, months.

Spring Fever: You step into a Timezone and get lost in a world of wonder: all the latest and greatest action games, virtual reality experiences, prize games, revamped retro games, battle and combat and team games, Crossy Road and Laser Tag and Bumper Cars, oh my… You don’t have to decide what to do next, you can simply drift from one excellent arcade game or experience to the next, they’ll never disappoint!

Winner: Spring Fever!

No Longer Lonely

Challenge: You miss your mates. Your next step is…

Cabin Fever: Finding the vacuum cleaner underneath a ton of dirty clothes and trying to clean the carpet ‘cos you don’t want your mates physically sticking to it when they finally have to leave. Then you discover you’ve run out of toilet paper and there are only crumbs of Shapes left in the cupboard. Now you’re sweaty and you need a shower, but someone just knocked on your door and you regret this whole day.

Spring Fever: Come and party over at our place! Timezone’s geared for fun with friends, always ready for a good time, and will do all the heavy lifting for you if you feel like booking a birthday party (or even an unBirthday party!). You just book your time, venue and number of guests, and tell your friends when, where and at what time to arrive. All you have to do is pitch up. (And we won’t be handing you a mop OR vacuum cleaner after it’s all over…)

Winner: Spring Fever!

Best Out Of Three!

Well, looks like there’s no competition when it comes to busting boredom or loneliness: Timezone’s clearly where the fun is at these Spring Holidays. To celebrate Spring Fever,  load up the FUN with two great deals and get up to $110 gameplay credit. See HERE to find out more on our Spring school holiday deals.– Keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements, or chat to one of our friendly team at your favourite Timezone.

So, come on over to Timezone to celebrate new beginnings, fresh starts and fun reunions with friends in a space that’s just waiting to welcome you back!

Want to find out more about what we’re doing to keep you COVID-safe in Timezone? We’ve got you covered: click here.