Why Timezone is the place to be these Summer school holidays

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Sunscreen optional

Imagine a Summer afternoon that doesn’t leave you feeling sticky, oily, possibly stripy orange (or burnt beetroot red) and smelling vaguely of fake coconut. Bliss! Timezone’s state-of-the-art lighting is flattering no matter what your complexion may be and doesn’t require heaps of sunscreen slathered all over your body before you head out. (Especially if you’ve been spending so much time indoors that you’ve basically turned into a fair shade of dumpling.) Even better: no need to give the fake tan a go – we prefer our skins in tones of neon blue, blush pink and bathed in the golden light of Prize Shop victory!

No more sand exfoliation

What do you get when you combine hot sun, roaring winds and sandy beaches? Extreme exfoliation events, that’s what. While we’re all for the occasional self-care scrub, we think it overkill to have to spend the evening in an ice bath because of a microdermabrasion fail. When the wind raises its sadistic head, swap the beach balls for mini bowling balls and come on over to Timezone to be safe from sand wedgies evermore.

Bad tempers, be gone

There’s nothing quite like the enforced family reunion of a summer school holiday… Where are we going? When are we going? Are you ready to go? Are we there yet? Did you pee before we left? Is that traffic?! Did we forget your brother at home?!?! By the time you get to where you’re going, chances are sunshine, happiness and harmony are out the window. Now, at Timezone, you know exactly what you’re getting: fun activities suitable for the whole family in a cool-looking, clean and safe space, which offers you the option of either playing together or choosing your own adventure if you feel like it. No conflict required.

Fewer things that want to kill you

Sharks. Bluebottles. Sand fleas. Macho first-time surfers and their finned boards dropping in on your head. That one guy who always dives right into the rip. Sausage sizzling because of exposure to the sun, not BBQ. Beaches are basically traps to snare the unaware into a visit to the local Surf Lifesaving Tower (if you’re lucky) or Emergency Room. Just say no to the unknown and choose the combination of exhilaration AND safety at Timezone: arcade games and entertainment options that will thrill you, chill you, and never, ever kill you.

Goodies for everyone!

Timezone vs. National Parks: one allows you to impress your crush by conquering the Claw Machine, the other gets you clawed by a possum on the picnic scene. We prefer Raving Rabbids to rabid marsupials, anyway – but most of all, we love getting rewarded for having fun by having even more fun: Timezone’s Summer School Holidays Deal means way more opportunities for play: 

  • Load $50 on your Timezone Powercard and get $25 bonus for $75 gameplay credit
  • Load $70 on your Timezone Powercard and get $40 bonus for $110 gameplay credit

This offer is available from 08.12.21 and continues until 08.02.22. So, what are you waiting for? Come on over to Timezone for a school holiday to remember!

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