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Pack light, play big: how to plan for your Gold Coast holiday

So, you’re going on a Gold Coast holiday – good for you! (We’re just a little jealous…) Try these five tips to have a great holiday.

1. Smart planning

A little foresight goes a long way, especially in a vibrant destination like the Gold Coast. Suburbs like Surfers Paradise offer loads of family-friendly entertainment and activities, as well as tranquil escapes for those seeking relaxation. Consider your holiday goals: do you crave rejuvenation, family bonding, adrenaline-fueled adventures, or non-stop partying? Once you’ve set your sights, do your research to find the perfect Gold Coast spot. We recommend starting with a site like www.destinationgoldcoast.com/ to kick off your planning. Remember, don’t overstuff your itinerary – leave room for leisurely exploration, as most activities here are designed to keep you engaged for hours.

2. Pack light

Our mantra? Less baggage, more freedom. When choosing what to pack for a Gold Coast holiday, focus only on the essentials. These are our suggested must-bring items:

  • A couple of lightweight outfits and comfy walking shoes,
  • Your favourite swimming costume and sun protection gear (like a rash vest),
  • Sunblock, hat, sunglasses, and thongs,
  • A practical, comfortable backpack,
  • A good book or two,
  • The kids’ gadgets or must-have toys,
  • Any crucial or chronic medication,
  • Your prescription spectacles, and
  • Your Timezone Powercard - obviously. 

Most everything else you may need for an active holiday can be rented locally or accessed through your accommodation. Think snorkelling gear, paddleboards, surfboards, bicycles, kayaks, beach towels, pool noodles... Less luggage means less hassle! There are also plenty of stores around in case you realise you’ve left something important behind.

3. Navigating Gold Coast transport

Grab yourself a ‘go seeQ’ and/or ‘go explore’ card on arrival – it’s your golden ticket to public transport access across the Gold Coast. Find more information here. Alternatively, opt for walking or cycling (fitness win!), or rent a car from the Gold Coast airport if you’re planning adventures further afield.

4. Nature’s calling

Whether you’re a beach bum or a bushwalker, the Gold Coast offers spectacular opportunities to connect with nature. Surf, swim, snorkel, and kayak in the ocean, or trek, jog, or bike through breath-taking bushland. Get up close and personal with local wildlife at places like the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: cuddle kangaroos and pose with koalas to your heart’s content! Find out more here.

5. Check the weather

While the Gold Coast is renowned for its sunny days, it’s not always smooth sailing. Pack at least one warmer outfit and consider a lightweight raincoat. When pouring rain or scorching heat strikes, seek refuge at Timezone Surfers Paradise – a haven for all ages on bad-weather days, it offers loads of family-friendly arcade games and entertainment, an in-store café and a prize store stocked with goodies to reward players. You can try your hand at laser tag, mini bowling, bumper cars, glow-in-the-dark mini golf and more than 200 arcade games. Rain or sweltering shine, Timezone Surfers Paradise is your ultimate Gold Coast escape.

Something for everyone

The Gold Coast is truly a magical holiday destination, brimming with activities and attractions for all ages. So, when the kids start asking “where are we going?”, tell them to get ready for an epic adventure!

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