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Date night done right: level up on love at Timezone!

Ah, love – it’s always in the air, but especially so around Valentine’s Day, it seems! If you’re on the hunt for cool date night ideas, we’ve got a few up our sleeves, plus a bunch of date-night tips to help you impress your partner. Just think outside the (chocolate) box and watch the romantic sparks fly…

Create a scavenger hunt

Takes a little effort but shows that you took the time to think about your partner: who they are and what makes them tick. Romantic scavenger hunts could take several forms – some are simple, like hiding a series of clues or tiny gifts in different spots at your house or in your yard to lead them to the ultimate prize. Some are challenging and planned way in advance, like secretly taking pics at different cross-country spots you and your partner have visited together and then building a storyline of clues with these pics that they must solve.

Our suggestion? Create an arcade game scavenger hunt: think about your favourite Timezone games, specifically those that you and your partner enjoy playing together. Now, use these games to build a mystery and a map. For example, if the hunt starts with Crossy Road, the clue could be: “Once the chicken has crossed the road 20 times, it visits a ghost to eat pixels for tea…” and so on. And the great reveal could happen in our Timezone Winners Vault prize shop, where the giant plushie you won ahead of time awaits your impressed partner.

Go phone-free

Now don’t panic: this sounds terrifying, but it CAN be done. It’s also the ultimate romantic gesture: you’re basically telling your date that you find them so interesting that you’ll even abandon your phone for them! This can work for both first dates and celebrations of long-time love. Putting your phone away means you’re focusing on the moment, really looking at and listening to your partner and getting to know them. And if you really, truly need to document the occasion with a selfie or two, head to one of the photobooths in Timezone – an old-school moment that the two of you can treasure forever.

Timezone’s date-night tips

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any old day, try these date-night tips to impress your partner.

  • Be yourself. Don’t front, don’t pretend, just be the best ‘you’ that’s in you. And remember, they’re probably trying to impress you, too – so don’t put too much pressure on either of you.
  • Be respectful. It doesn’t matter if you’re still getting to know your crush or have been together for ages – it’s important to respect each other. Be kind, be polite and don’t do or say things that make them uncomfortable.
  • Plan ahead. Yes, even if you’ve known your date for ages: take some time to fine-tune the details of your date, as it will show that you’ve put thought into it. (Or want to get to know them!) And it always helps to pre-book a restaurant just in case you pitch up and there’s no space…
  • Have fun. Not all date nights go well, and not all crushes last – but while you’re in the moment, have as much fun as you can, and enjoy the experience. You’re making memories!

Planning a Valentine’s Day date, or want to treat yourself to some solo TLC? Head to Timezone and start feeling the love!

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