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Why Timezone is perfect for youth groups

Being part of a youth group can be a blast. After all, hanging out with likeminded people can make you feel supported and seen – and we all need that. It’s not just an opportunity to connect with others, either, but also to do some good (and have fun!) while you’re at it. If you’re busy planning your next youth group meeting or celebration, we suggest bringing everybody to Timezone. Why? We’re glad you asked…

All ages welcome

‘Youth group’ sounds a bit odd, right? Like a pack of glowering teens lurking on a street corner (we see you!), or maybe the guys from One Direction way back when they just started out and still had chubby cheeks… But a ‘youth group’ can cater to all ages, from Australian Cub Scouts and groups of Grommets learning to surf to more ‘serious’ youth organisations such as UN Youth Australia and Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Or your youth group could just be a bunch of local neighbourhood kids getting together for regular beach clean-up or skateboarding sessions – it’s all good. Timezone offers a huge range of arcade games and entertainment options that cater for all ages – there’s loads to try and you’ll never get bored.

Rediscover the power of connection

Remember the pandemic? Covid was a real party pooper, discombobulating the world and keeping us from an activity that scientists have proven key to our health and happiness: connecting and playing with others in real life. While we all had a taste of the isolation, younger generations were especially hard hit by loneliness and disconnection – which is why it’s so great that social interaction in actual physical spaces is finally a Thing again. Joining your youth group peers for a game of tenpin bowling at Timezone just hits different than trying to play over Zoom! Timezone is perfect for all kinds of youth group meet-ups, whether you’re celebrating a milestone or just feel like socialising and getting to know each other better. We don’t just offer loads of arcade games, but also special party rooms that your group can book to use as squad headquarters on the day.

Fun in a safe, convenient space

Finding a venue for your youth group celebration can be a pain. How will you fit everyone in? What will people do? Will it be too expensive? Timezone solves all those problems. We offer safe, inclusive spaces that welcome all – we take the safety and happiness of our Guests very seriously. There’s so much to do and play, and you can do as much – or as little – as you want: nobody gets pressured to play. Our party rooms are perfect for low-stress, high-fun get togethers that keep everybody on site and manageable (important if you’re in charge of wrangling all the attendees!), and we can help you figure out which party packages and set-up assistance you may need.

Something for everyone

All youth groups are different – and all members of youth groups are different from each other, too. Luckily, Timezone embraces all the different personality types: shy, extroverted, adventurous, sporty, cheeky… Even introverts are welcome – there are loads of fun solo games where you can hide away and keep an eye on the world as it plays around you! You don’t have to be a laser tag ace, tenpin bowling champ or Pacman guru, either: all you need is the willingness to have a go and have loads of fun while you’re at it. And remember, practice makes perfect!

Ready to host your next youth group excursion at Timezone? Chat to our friendly team today to find out how we can make your outing a roaring success!

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