1. Participating Australia Timezone Venues include: NSW - Blacktown, Chatswood, Haymarket, Parramatta, Top Ryde | QLD - Garden City, Sunshine Plaza, Surfers Paradise | VIC - Eastland, Highpoint | SA - Tea Tree Plaza, Woodville | WA - Fremantle, Northbridge
  2. The Preliminary Contests will be held on 16 March 2024. 
  3. Free Play practice will be available on Taiko No Tatsujin before the official competition for all guests from 3pm - 5:30pm.
  4. The Preliminary Contests begin at 6pm in each venue.
  5. Each guest must own a Timezone Powercard and Bandai Namco passport or Amusement IC Card to be in the Preliminary Contests and Regional Tournaments. These can be purchased at participating Timezone venues.
  6. There is no age restriction to enter. Minors require the consent of a legal representative (parent/guardian) to participate.
  7. Employees and agents of Timezone Australia Pty Ltd engaged in connection with the development or operation of this event/campaign are not eligible to enter this event/campaign.
  8. Each venue can qualify a maximum of 20 participants during the competition, if 21 or more participants are registered by 6pm the participants will be drawn by a lottery.
  9. Players will compete 2 at a time and scores will be recorded via the game during competition. All scores will then be collated internationally until all qualifying events have been held and hosted, at which time the 5 international champions will be notified and receive details on the trip to Japan with championship details from Bandai Namco themselves.
  10. The pre-selected song for the Taiko No Tatsujin Preliminary Contests has been chosen by Bandai Namco and is unknown to all until the moment of the competition. 
  11. First & Second place, regardless of scores, for each venue will receive certificates on the day.
  12. Participants may submit entries to multiple Preliminary Contests. However, participants chosen to advance past the Preliminary Contests even once may no longer participate in the preliminaries at another venue.
  13. By participating in this tournament, Participants consent to and authorise Timezone Australia Pty Ltd to use at its sole discretion, without further compensation to the participants, any of their names, photographs, videotapes, or any likeness of them for packaging, promotional, advertising, marketing, and/or publicity purposes (where not prohibited by written law).

Competition period 02.01.24 at 09:00 AEDT - 31.01.24 at 23:59 AEDT. To see full terms and conditions, see HERE.

ACT Daily Prize Winners: Jeremy Telesny, James Lau, Malcolm Gill, Callum McNeilage, Rhonda Forrest, Mun Hong Lee, Gabby, Paul Ligeros, Samantha Kartop, Leo, Samuel, Matthew Hodda, Orien Hurst, Deb, Jay, Daniel Holdsworth, Mary, Chris, Clay, Lin, Vanessa, Ahmed, Leith Moore, Ruth, Tara Wiggins, Lucy Fraser, Ally Morton, Natalie White, James Vitobello, Gianna Seuati, Michael Blaha, Matthew Tarlinton, Arran, Veronica, Lisa Casey, Manchie, Angela Cheung, Riley, Kieandra McEwan, Zak Qandeel, JINYOUNG BANG, Talyn McNEILL, Andrew Reynolds, Aeden Frost, Andy, Steffanie Hoschke, Shaun, James, Alan Roberts, Antonio Dodd, Shannon Tarbotton, Paul Thomas, Daniel, Scott Holmes, Jason, Andy, Ranu Dhall, Rebecca, Ryan Romancewicz, Ahsan, Daniel, Kirsty Ross, Jatin Dhamija, Leah Catanzariti, Nathan Stilbe, Emma, Paul Richardson, Tate, Olivia Hurstfield, Jeremy Stevens, Harsh, Bubbys Duo, Jasmine, Lachlan, Tony, Mark, Yvette, James Pau, Oscar Wood, Suryanto Tjiu, Adele Webb, Pavel Machalek, Kaitlyn, Eric Zhang, Trent, Katarina Bignasca, Jack, Jamie Blythe, Karen Booth, Trent Willis, Christy, Bethany Booth, Susan, Nicola Pepper, Dinh Tien, Harrie, Chris Worthington, Kathy HILE, Kara, Po Wing Lam, Patricia, Liam, Idris, Mandy Hollis, Bethany Scott, Nataniel Stavila, Kara Collins, Julie Lucas, Christina La, Kristy, Thi, Ricky, Kelly Goodchild

Unallocated Prize draw ACT Winners: Grace, Sarina Sunuwar, Wayne, Antoine, William Reynolds, Chessa Lao, vv

Competition period 21.06.23 at 09:00 AEST - 24.07.23 at 23:59 AEST. To see full terms and conditions, see HERE.

Major prize winners: Matthew - QLD, Mary - QLD, Rhiannon - SA, Kamaljit Singh Buttar - VIC, Chiang - VIC

Competition period 07.12.22 - 07.02.23. To see full terms and conditions, see HERE.

Major Prize Winner: Mick Jong, VIC. 

Statement from the winner: "I couldn't believe it when I heard I've won 1 million Powertickets. That's awesome! It will be great to be able to use it for the kids considering they had surgery during the summer school holidays

Competition period 22.06.22 - 25.07.22. To see full terms and conditions, see HERE.

Major Prize Winners: Alycia, Fei, Yung Chu, Luiz Bastos, Bunpor Uong, Ash Whitworth, Shanneece Phommasaeng, Sevket Ersahin, Seth Henderson, Ethan, Dean, Anna Pater, Qi Jin, Tayla Naismith, Natasha BELL, Alexandra Dieni, Callum Johnson

Unallocated prize draw winners: Chris Halligan, Tricia Dempsey, Krystal Hull

Competition period 31.03.22 - 01.05.22. To see full terms and conditions, see HERE.

Major Prize Winners: Huy Luong, Lisa Ramos, Paige Lia, Lance Cruz, Hayley Walker, Minh Tran, Talisha Weatherby, Joel Mayer, Rylen Moffatt, Paul Decinque, Ileana Mergen, Jake Hogan, Shaun Neumann, Tracey Le, Mary Krypuy, Joel Little, Rubinstein Ebuenga, Sonia Sandhu, Cathy Walters, Megan Ginn, Kristy Ironside, Jakarta McKinley, Nadine Paterson, Jacqueline Bui, Adam Jenkin, Brent Bates

Major Prize Reserve Winners: Tanya Angelucci, Dayna Lee, Thomas Wood, Gene Thomas

ACT Minor Prize Winners: Kenneth Camm, Nicole Camm, Sarah Cotton, Dorothy Cross, Hao Dao, Emily Hayes, Xavier Heathwood, Florence Ho, Kim Wai Lau, Kevin Mai, Sarah Miller, Nikiya moss, Malcolm Mallavey, Nicholas Muzzall, Alex Osborn, Eleonor Pritchard, Nisha Subramanian, Ebonny Truong, Kyle Vm, Trent Willis, Michael Yang.