What payments do I need to make?

A $100 deposit is required when booking your party; the final balance is to be paid on the day of your event based on your final guest numbers at this time.

Is there a minimum number of guests for a birthday party booking?

There is a minimum payment of 8 guests to enjoy the full experience of a birthday party with TIMEZONE.

Is there a minimum age for TIMEZONE birthday parties?

The minimum age for a TIMEZONE party is 5 years old, however whether you are 8 or 88 years old, you are welcome to party with us.

What games will the party be able to play?

We have developed a colour coded system for our games based on the game type:

  • Red Swiper games are available for play the entire duration of your party.
  • Yellow Swiper games are available for play the entire duration of your party.
  • Purple Swiper games have limited plays depending on the party package selected.
  • Blue Swiper games have limited plays depending on the party package selected.
  • Green Swiper games have limited plays depending on the party package selected.
  • Orange Swiper games have limited plays depending on the party package selected.

[differs in some venues]

What do you mean by carer?

A carer is a parent, guardian or adult responsible for supervising the party children and a touch point for us. We recommend that carers are present for the duration of your party. Carers are there to ensure the kids are all in attendance during each activity, escort the kids to the bathroom and ensure they are behaving appropriately in the venue. If there is a problem the host will inform the carers, so it is necessary to remain in the venue to be able to supervise the party.

Can I bring my own birthday cake?

You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake. 

Can I/we bring my own food?

Some of our venues have a cafe on-site to cater for your needs. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Birthday cakes and some decorations are permitted.

Where do we eat?

Your group will either be eating in the venue's party room (selected centres) or a designated area, subject to availability. Please enquire when booking for party with us as some venues do not have an area to sit. 

Can TIMEZONE organise party invitations?

Party invitations are available in-venue that can be picked up upon booking. You can also download invitations HERE which can be printed off at home!

Do we need to arrive earlier than our booking time?

We request that you and your guests arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your party start time to organise Powercards, kids, food etc. This is to ensure that your party experience begins on time and that none of your guests miss out on any of the fun! 

How long is a birthday party at TIMEZONE?

Depending on the party package you have chosen:

  • A Level One Birthday Party Package will go for approximately 1 hour
  • A Level Two Birthday Party Package will go for approximately 1.5 hours

The party area for food and cake will be available for up to 30 minutes [selected venues].

Please note that even though every endeavour is made to guarantee tables are available for adults, during busier periods this may not always be possible. 

Does the birthday booking need to be confirmed?

Please call us on the Wednesday before your party to confirm the following: Final number of guests attending – this number is to ensure adequate staff and catering on the day; Any special dietary requirements i.e. vegetarian or food intolerances; [selected venues]

Can I book a birthday party for twins, or have a combined party?

Yes, you can! When you go through to book, select boy, girl or combined/twin. Click the combined/twin option and proceed through to finalise your booking. You should also add the two names section when booking!

Can I book out the Laser Tag area?

Laser Tag cannot be exclusively booked unless your group fills the capacity of the arena. If your party does not fulfil the arena capacity, other guests may be playing in the arena at the same time. 

Is there a minimum age for Laser Tag?

There are no age restrictions, however for safety reasons the following height restrictions apply:

  • Height <110cm: Cannot play
  • Height >110cm: Is permitted to play

All players must be wearing shoes and must be fully clothed Management reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons at any time If you are prone to seizures or epileptic fits, you are not permitted to play Laser Tag Whilst inside the maze, please do not run, do not climb, no combat roles, no physical contact and no abusive language Customers who appear to be intoxicated will be refused entry.

Please do not play if you are pregnant, claustrophobic, have a heart condition or are prone to motion sickness or dizziness.

Which venues have Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is only available at select TIMEZONE venues. Click here to find out which venues have Laser Tag