Introducing Timezone Rewards!

Want to have fun and be awarded for it? Of course, you do! That's why it’s time to get your hands on a Timezone Powercard – and get ready for brand-new member benefits that will knock your socks off.

Check out our list of frequently asked questions or click the link below for our Rewards Table of benefits and say hello to a world of rewards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get rewarded for playing? Yes! Timezone Rewards is a membership program that gives you exclusive benefits for playing at all Timezone venues within Australia. Benefits vary according to membership tiers and range from bonus game credits, discount gameplay, exclusive benefits and so much more.

You can join Timezone Rewards by registering your Timezone Powercard online via the member portal. There are four membership tiers:

Welcome: A warm Welcome to Fun! Purchase a Welcome card in any of our venues by loading a minimum of $1. Register your card and you will be enrolled into the Welcome Tier.

Blue Elite: Be part of an Elite force. Reaching 50 Reward Points will upgrade you to the Blue Elite Tier.
Gold: Go for Gold! Reaching 250 Reward Points will upgrade you to the Gold Tier.

Platinum: Truly a class of its own. Reaching 1,000 Reward Points will upgrade you to the ultra-exclusive Platinum Tier.

Please refer to the Reward Table for more information on rewards and benefits offered at different tiers. 1 Reward Point equals $1.

Reward Points are based on the net total load accumulated on a Powercard. We call these Reward Points. Your total Reward Points excludes bonus game credit earned from offers and promotions. One (1) Reward Point = One Dollar ($1)

Example: A load of $50 on a double-dollar offer shows a balance of $100 worth of game credits. The net load credited towards Timezone Rewards is $50.

Please create an account online via the member portal or download the Timezone Fun App, add your Powercard to your account and you'll be able to see your total Reward Points on your Powercards. Alternatively, visit your local venue

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With so much fun and benefits available, please refer to the Timezone Rewards Table for more information on rewards and benefits for each tier.

Create an account online via the member portal or download the Timezone Fun App, add your Powercard to your account and start getting rewarded. 

By adding your Powercard to your online account you registered them with us. The benefits of doing this are to protect your balances and get REWARDED! You can earn rewards and stay updated on our exclusive offers and receive invitations to member events.

You can check your current status level in your online member portal account or via the Timezone Fun App. Upon reaching the required Reward Points for a tier, our team in a venue will be able to upgrade your Powercard. Please visit your local venue to upgrade.

Achievement and mid-tier bonus credit is sent to your Fun Account via an in-app redeemable voucher. Please login to your account via the Timezone Fun App to redeem. Discounted gameplay and free games are auto-credited into your Powercard upon meeting the required criteria.

To receive exclusive offers and Birthday Rewards, you need to be subscribed to Timezone marketing communications. You can do this in the member portal or the Timezone Fun App.

To upgrade your Powercard, visit your local venue with your Powercard to collect your new card.

Birthday rewards are awarded to Gold and Platinum members only. There are two kinds of rewards:

  1. Birthday discount vouchers are either a 10% off for Gold cardholders or a 20% off for Platinum cardholders on standard birthday party packages and have an expiry of 365 days.
  2. Birthday credit vouchers are either a $10 game credit for Gold cardholders or a $15 game credit for Platinum cardholders and have an expiry of 30 days. 

Vouchers are sent to your Fun Account and must be redeemed in a venue before the expiry. To ensure you receive birthday rewards, please 

  1. Register your Powercard on the Timezone Fun App or Member Portal at least 30 days before your date of birth. 
  2. Hold either an active Gold or Platinum Powercard.

Powercards will expire 12 months from the last in-venue use date, at which time any unused balance and Powertickets will be forfeited. App reloads do not count towards extending your Powercard expiry.

Using your Powercard in a venue to play games, load credit or redeem prizes.

Upgraded to Gold? Enjoy your free game the very next day! So, go forth my friend and play your FREE game! Free games are not transferrable to other venues.

The daily FREE games that come with Gold and Platinum status are applicable to the venue that you loaded up credit in. $1 per 92 days must be spent for the daily free Yellow card reader game to be credited to your Powercard.

Playing for free rocks! Though the daily free games are non-accumulative and will be refreshed daily.

Head into your local venue and see our friendly team who can help you in getting a replacement.

Who doesn’t love bonuses!? Gold and Platinum Powercard holders receive $25 game credit for each 250 Reward Points spent. Example: 500, 750, 1,250, 1,500, 1,750, 2,250. Every 1,000 Reward Points will be rewarded with a $50 bonus game credit.

The bonus credit will be sent to your Fun Account via an in-app redeemable voucher. Login to your account on the Timezone Fun App to redeem. Vouchers expire 31 days from when you receive the voucher.


One (1) Reward Point = One Dollar ($1)

For more information on Timezone Rewards, please click HERE

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Terms and Conditions: Timezone Rewards was launched on Monday 2 March 2020 with benefits accumulating from this date. For further terms and conditions, please see HERE.