Powercards mean you don't need to carry loose change around our venues.

You can load up at a kiosk or by seeing one of our friendly Funsquad. Load up any amount by cash or card.

All our games are fitted with card readers, just tap to play. 

Powertickets are stored on your Powercard.

There's no minimum reload, so when your credit is low, reload and get into the action. 

Register in-venue and reach new Powercard tiers for exclusive bonuses and rewards. 

Credit Play

  • Load your Powercard with credit.
  • The price of the game will be deducted from your Powercard when you tap onto a card reader.
  • Earn Powertickets from red card reader games to exchange in the Winners Vault.
  • Access to play all games.
  • Share your Powercard with others.


Time Play

  • Load your Powercard with a Time Play package.
  • Receive pre-loaded Powertickets.
  • No additional Powertickets are awarded from red card reader games. 
  • Play a selection of games determined by the Time Play Package chosen.
  • Time Play packages are per person and cannot be shared.


Timezone Rewards

Register your Powercard in venue to unlock discounts, exclusive tier and partner offers, birthday rewards, invitations to events and MORE!

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