How do Powercards Work?

Get a Powercard, load it up and play! There's no minimum spend, so load any amount to play!

Time Play vs Credit Play

Load money onto your Powercard and swipe or tap your card through the swiper to start your game. The price of the game will automatically be deducted from your Powercard. Any Powertickets you win are automatically added onto your card. Redeem your Powertickets for prizes at the prize counter. If you purchase a Time Play package, just swipe your card on the games included in your package and your time will automatically start. You receive pre-loaded Powertickets when you purchase! Just remember that no additional Powertickets are awarded during Time Play and packages are per person.

Buy $25 Get $30
Buy $35 Get $45
Buy $50 Get $70
Buy $100 Get $150

30 Minutes for $20
60 Minutes for $26


*Not available in all venues.