It's fun, family and happy memories that make Timezone Chandra Superstore Lampung alive! Need entertainment solutions for school holidays? Nobody is ever bored at Timezone. Feet hurts from a day of shopping? The time zone will re-energize you. Not satisfied with your heart just beating? Our cool games and prizes will free your mind! Visit us to find out how we can make your day.

Candra Lampung , Jl Hayam Muruk - Pemuda No 1. Tanjung Karang - Bandar Lampung - Lampung ( Kampung Sawah )
0721 - 242459
[email protected]
Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 11am-08pm
  • Menangkan Hadiah di Indonesia
  • Tempat Pesta Ulang Tahun Anak Indonesia
  • Arcade di Indonesia

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