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Timezone Powercards open up a whole new world of play. Discover how to make the most of your Powercard and start ramping up the fun!


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Frequently asked questions


Why should I register my powercard?

Get member benefits such as birthday reward, upgrade bonuses, mid-tier bonuses, game discounts and more. The best part is that your TIZO are protected in case of loss.

Will my powercard, tizo and e-tickets expire?

Yes. Your powercard , TIZO, and E-Tickets will expire if the card is inactive for 12 months from date of last game played.

How do I get a replacement for a lost timezone powercard?

Please visit our venue where your card is registered. Alternatively, you can contact us by filling out the form provided here.

Can I transfer my register card to another account?

Timezone regulation does not allow card ownership transfer at the moment. Timezone reserves the right to permanently deactivate the card if the member is found to be in violation of this rule.

How do I check my cumulative spend?

Please visit any of our venues to check your cumulative spend. Alternatively, you may check online via the member portal.

What does cumulative spend mean?

Cumulative spend is based on the total nett load accumulated in a Timezone powercard. Cumulative spend excludes extra TIZO earned from offers, promotions and Double Fun.

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What is Timezone Rewards?

Timezone Rewards is a membership program that gives you rewards for playing at all Timezone venues in Indonesia. Rewards vary according to membership tiers and range from extra TIZO, extra free games, extra e-tickets, exclusive benefits and so much more.

How do I become a Timezone Rewards member?

Register your card with  a valid email address and you can start getting rewarded.

How does Timezone Rewards work?

You can join Timezone Rewards by registering your Timezone Powercard online via the member portal. There are three membership tiers:

Welcome: A warm Welcome to Fun! Purchase a Welcome card in any of our venues with a certain minimum load.

Blue Elite: Be part of an Elite force. Upgrade With Special Discount! Reaching accumulative spend of 500 TIZO equal to Rp500.000 will upgrade you to the Blue Elite Tier.

Gold: Go for Gold! Upgrade With Special Discount! Reaching accumulative spend of  2000 TIZO equal to Rp2.000.000 will upgrade you to the Gold Tier.

Platinum: Bigger Rewards, Everyday! Upgrade With Special Discount! Reaching accumulative spend of  8000 TIZO equal to Rp8.000.000 will upgrade you to the Platinum Tier.

Please refer to the Timezone Rewards table for more information on rewards and benefits offered at different tiers

What are my Timezone Rewards benefits?

Please refer to the Timezone Rewards table for more information on rewards and benefits for each tier.

How do I know that I have been upgraded to the higher tier and what do I need to do to receive my rewards?

You will be notified through your registered email address of your upgraded membership tier. Your tier-achievement bonuses will be sent to your registered email address.

To redeem, open your email address and show the email from Timezone to cashier, cashier will process the voucher redeem.

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What are daily free games?

Daily Free Games are special privilege for Gold and Platinum powercard. It entitles Gold members to play daily free 1 game and daily free 2 games for Platinum. Free games are applicable on video and ticket games.

Can I accumulative my unredeemed free games?

No. Daily free games are non-accumulative and will be refreshed daily.

Can I use my daily free games at other venues?

FREE games are applicable per day and can be redeemed at all venue Timezone Indonesia.

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How do I get birthday rewards?

Register your Date of Birth on Member Portal or Timezone Fun App. You shall receive a voucher code on Timezone Fun App in Vouchers section. Flash the code at the nearest Timezone venue and avail your Birthday Reward. The offer is valid per guest i.e. even if you have multiple cards the Birthday Reward Offer can be claimed only once. The voucher is valid for 1 month from date of issue.

How often can I use my discount on the birthday party package?

Discount on birthday party package is exclusive to Blue Elite and Gold members and valid for one-time use only within your birthday month.

Can I use my birthday party package discount for family members?

The nuclear family by showing the necessary documents is entitled to a discounted birthday package. But for now the benefits of the birthday package have not been offered. We will inform you further if the birthday package is available at the Timezone venue. Then make sure you have registered an active email to get the latest information from Timezone.

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