Spectacular Arcade Games Line-up

At Timezone, you can find a diverse variety of some of the best Arcade Games of all time including: 

Maximum Tune 6 RR

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with Maximum Tune 6 RR, one of our most popular and fun Arcade Games. Take the wheel of the world's fastest cars and compete against friends in adrenaline-fueled races on stunningly realistic tracks. 

VR Warship

Command your fleet in VR Warship, an immersive Arcade Game that transports you to a virtual battlefield, where strategy and quick-thinking are your keys to victory. 

VR Darks Mars 2

Ready for an interstellar adventure? Explore extraterrestrial landscapes in VR Darks Mars 2 Arcade Game. The action is intense, the video graphics are stunning, and the experience is one you won’t want to miss.

Win Prizes

But, Timezone isn't just about the Games; there are also attractive Prizes to be won! Timezone boasts the best Arcade Prizes that you redeem at the Prize Shop. From plush toys to gaming consoles, and more, the Prizes are sure to make every gaming experience one that’s even more rewarding. 

Use your Timezone Powercard to play, save, and win – it’s your key to unlocking a world of amazing prizes! Oh, and don’t forget to download the all-new Timezone Fun App to unlock more exclusive deals and rewards!

Fun is Just Around the Corner

In search of “arcade places near me”? With Timezone, you’re always close to the action. The accessibility of Timezone Locations ensure that you’re never far from the excitement of the best Arcade Games. Beyond Video Game Machines and Virtual Gaming experiences, Timezone also features an assortment of activities from Bowling to Bumper Cars

So, kids and adults, are you ready to join in the fun? 

Frequently Asked Questions About Arcade Games

Timezone Powercard is a reloadable card system offering seamless gaming fun. Once you've selected your preferred package in-store, simply swipe the card to start playing your favourite Arcade Games, with costs deducted directly from the card’s balance. The e-tickets you win will be stored on the Powercard for easy tracking and convenient prize redemption.  

Absolutely! Timezone is the perfect place for Birthday Party Activities, Corporate Events, and celebrations of all kinds. Contact your nearest Timezone Entertainment Centre for more information on party packages and bookings.

Not to worry as Timezone offers a variety of Arcade Games suitable for all ages. Our family-friendly Entertainment Centre ensures a fun and safe environment for both kids and adults to enjoy.