Dive into the Thrilling World of Bumper Car Arenas

Brace up for 360-degree spins, turns, and collisions as you navigate the indoor arena on electric Bumper Cars — all while skillfully avoiding those that charge at you from all directions. But there’s no need to worry about getting hurt in the game. These kiddie-approved rides are armed with high back seats and plush cushions for maximum protection. 


Scintillating lights and groovy beats ignite the atmosphere, transporting kids and adults back to the great disco era. The exhilarating Bumper Cars cater to kids and adults both, with options for solo riders and two-seaters available. So, whether you’re partying with buddies or mini-mes, you’re bound for a crashing good time regardless! 

Unleash Mayhem in the Bumper Car Arena

Get ready for non-stop laughter and excitement in Timezone’s Bumper Car Arenas, where fun and pandemonium collide! Team up with your little daredevils and best friends, and experience the thrill of chaos from the front seat. Spin, dash, and crash as recklessly as possible, challenging anyone who dares cross your path. Dive headfirst into the excitement today — every twist and turn brings a new adventure!

Create Cherished Memories At Timezone Entertainment Centre

Ready to rev up your engines and have some adrenaline-pumping fun? Drop by Timezone Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading 3, 3rd floor, to challenge your friends and family to a round of Bumper Cars, all while making priceless memories.

But that's not all! With a range of other Games and Attractions — from classic Mini Bowling to the futuristic VR Hologate — there truly is something for everyone there. Best of all, these exciting activities are available at equally incredible prices, so you won't have to break the bank for a day of adventure in Indonesia.

While at it, don't forget to download the Timezone Fun App to score some exclusive deals and offers!

Frequently Asked Questions about Timezone Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars are not just a kids game, and can also be enjoyed by adults. However, to ride the Bumper Cars at Timezone Entertainment Centres, you must be at least four years old and above 112 cm in height.

The Bumper Cars at Timezone Entertainment Centres come with safety features like thick cushions and high back seats. You can also maximise safety by emptying your pockets of loose items, fastening your seat belt and keeping your hands to yourself during the ride.

To play Bumper Cars at Timezone, simply purchase a Powercard, head to the Bumper Car Arena, swipe your card, and hop into an available car. Then, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the thrilling ride!