Maximum Tune 6 RR

The Super Fun Maximum Tune 6 RR is here!!

Test your adrenaline and be the fastest.

Maximum Tune 6 RR comes with a variety of new features that are Super Fun!

Check out the latest features of Maximum Tune 6 RR here

New Games! First In Indonesia, VR Darks Mars 2!

First In Indonesia, VR Darks Mars 2!
Let's enjoy an immersive feeling, as if you’re riding the real thing!

VR Dark Mars 2 is available at the following Timezone venues:
1. Galaxy Mal 3
2. Sumarecon Mal Serpong
3. Nipah
4. Boemi Kedaton
5. Lippo Mal Puri
6. Mal Centre Point
7. Summarecon Mal Bekasi
8. Lippo Mal Karawaci

Bumper cars

Tired of driving in traffic jams? Want to get the excitement of driving your car without dealing with traffic? Then come to Timezone and try our Bumper Cars!

Today’s traffic conditions in the rink — bumpy, with the chance of fender benders. Ride solo in a lone conquest to win the battle of the bumpers, or sit shotgun and call the shots! It’s perfect for kids who aren’t old enough to drive to experience driving. Or for adults who want to unleash their road rage — hey, no judgements here! Our Bumper Cars are sure to provide a banging good time for the whole family.

Virtual Rabbids

Love playing virtual reality (VR) video games but don’t have the chance to do it at home? Then Timezone is the place to be! Our Virtual Rabbids game is a one-of-a-kind VR experience that takes you on a magical journey. You get to choose between 6 adventures: Alpine Adventure, Canyon Chaos, Holiday Hijinks, Kitchen Catastrophe, Space Skirmish, and Coaster Calamity.

Feel the excitement as you experience a thrilling VR ride full of twists, turns, and sensations. Grab your ticket to ride Virtual Rabbids by picking up a Timezone Powercard today! 


Get the ball rolling and kickstart the fun times at Timezone’s bowling alleys! Here at our bowling centers, you can expect cutting-edge systems for a seamless bowling experience. It can be the place where you discover your child is a natural at the sport, have a blast with friends, or just take a little me-time to blow off some steam!

Strike your way to victory and enjoy bowling with friends and family by visiting a Timezone Indonesia bowling alley near you!