RDC Spin Bumper Car

Level up your experience playing bumper cars by riding the RDC SPIN BUMPER CAR! Apart from being different in shape, these bumper cars have a capacity of only one person per car. Are you curious about the excitement?

Come on, just try playing at Timezone Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading 3, 3rd floor


Feel the excitement of adventuring in virtual reality Hologate, the latest VR game from Timezone that you can't find anywhere else.
The excitement of the New Generation of VR Gaming will get closer to being played with family or friends.

Now Open! Social Bowling in Timezone!

Feel the excitement of playing Social Bowling at Timezone. You can't only play, but you can do sports. Let's invite your friends, family, and everyone you love to play together.

Find Social Bowling in your favorite Timezone:

Timezone Supermal Karawaci
Timezone Lippo Mall Kemang
Timezone Lippo Mall Puri
- Timezone Lippo Mall Puri New - Mall 1 Lt. UG
- Timezone Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading 3rd Floor New
- Timezone Margocity 2nd Floor
- Timezone Summarecon Mall Bekasi 2nd Floor
- Timezone Emporium Pluit

- Timezone Paris Van Java

- Timezone Ambarrukmo Plaza Jogja

Timezone Galaxy Mall 3 Surabaya

Timezone Centre Point Mall Medan

Timezone Nipah Mall Makassar

Timezone Level 21 Mall Bali

- Timezone Mega Mall Batam

East Kalimantan:
- Timezone Big Mall Samarinda

South Kalimantan:
- Timezone Duta Mall Banjarmasin
- Timezone Q Mall Banjarbaru


VR Warship! The Newest and First Games in Indonesia

Enjoy the fun of playing virtually in VR Warship for an unforgettable experience.

Let's play VR Warship at the nearest Timezone:
Timezone Sun Plaza, 4th floor
- Timezone Lippo Mall Kemang
- Timezone Ambarukmo Plaza Jogja
- Timezone Thamrin Plaza Medan
- Timezone Mall Panakkukang Makassar
- Timezone Q Mall Banjarbaru
- Timezone Margocity Depok

Maximum Tune 6 RR

The Super Fun Maximum Tune 6 RR is here!!

Test your adrenaline and be the fastest.

Maximum Tune 6 RR comes with a variety of new features that are Super Fun!

Check out the latest features of Maximum Tune 6 RR here

VR Darks Mars 2

First In Indonesia, VR Darks Mars 2!
Let's enjoy an immersive feeling, as if you’re riding the real thing!

VR Dark Mars 2 is available at the following Timezone venues:
1. Galaxy Mal 3 Surabaya
2. Sumarecon Mal Serpong
3. Nipah Mall Makassar
4. Boemi Kedaton Lampung
5. Lippo Mall Puri
6. Centre Point Medan
7. Summarecon Mal Bekasi
8. Supermal Karawaci

Bumper cars

Tired of driving in traffic jams? Want to get the excitement of driving your car without dealing with traffic? Then come to Timezone and try our Bumper Cars!

Today’s traffic conditions in the rink — bumpy, with the chance of fender benders. Ride solo in a lone conquest to win the battle of the bumpers, or sit shotgun and call the shots! It’s perfect for kids who aren’t old enough to drive to experience driving. Or for adults who want to unleash their road rage — hey, no judgements here! Our Bumper Cars are sure to provide a banging good time for the whole family.