Meet TIZO: Our All-New Timezone Credit System

You may be wondering, what happened to my rupiah in my Timezone Powercard? Is it gone? Fret not, as the credit in your Powercards are safe and sound! What you're seeing now is TIZO, our new credit system. We are happy to announce that since February 27, 2021, the new playing system has been implemented at all Timezone venues across Indonesia.

The reason behind the change is simple — we want to make your guest experience at Timezone easier, more convenient, and all the more fun. Game prices, credit top-ups, bonuses, and remaining balances on your Timezone Powerercards will now be in TIZO. Curious how the conversion works?  In the new credit system, 1000 rupiah is equivalent to 1 TIZO. For example, if you top-up IDR 100,000 to your Powercard, you will get 100 TIZO. So keep your cool; You’re getting the exact same value!

What Will Happen to the Remaining Rupiah in My Powercard?

Not to worry, nothing’s going to happen to your balance! If you had rupiah stored in your Timezone Powercard, your remaining credit balance would automatically be converted to TIZO.

In the case that your balance was in a smaller denomination than 1,000, you won’t be short-changed. Instead, the amount you get in TIZO will be rounded up for you. For instance, a balance of IDR 101,300 will become 102 TIZO.

More questions on your mind? Visit the FAQ page on our new TIZO credit system or email us at [email protected]

Enjoy Loads of Fun With Your TIZO

A new credit system means new benefits too! We’ve got exciting plans in store for you, as we are working on launching a Timezone Rewards program for TIZO.

‘Tis the time to get on board the fun train with TIZO. Make your way to a Timezone location near you and grab your Timezone Powercard to make the most of your TIZO today!

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