Q & A

Q: What is TIZO?

A: TIZO is a new playing system at Timezone, ONLY for card purchases / refills, bonus, remaining / balance on the Powercard, and the price of games previously in rupiah.


Q: What about the remaining balance on my Powercard which is still in rupiah?

A: Don't worry, your remaining balance which is still in rupiah will not be lost, your remaining balance will be AUTOMATICALLY changed to TIZO. For example, if your previous remaining balance was IDR 100,000, it will be 100 TIZO.


Q: What if my remaining balance is IDR 101,300 ?

A: Don't worry, you won't be harmed, your remaining balance will be rounded up to 102 TIZO


Q: How do I change the remaining balance in rupiah on my card to TIZO?

A: Your remaining balance in rupiah will AUTOMATICALLY change to TIZO when you come to Timezone.


Q: What about the rest of the E-Tickets?

A: The rest of the E-Tickets will be FIXED. No changes


Q: What about the price of games on machine?

A: The price of games on machine will also change in TIZO.

Example 1: Previously, the price of games was IDR 9,000, changed to 9 TIZO

Example 2: Previously, the price of games was IDR 7,900, changed to 7 TIZO


Q: If I refill / buy at the cashier for IDR 75,000, How much TIZO do I get?

A: You will get 75 TIZO, except, if there is a promotion or other play package, you will get a bonus according to the package or according to the ongoing promotion.


Q: Can I buy / refills IDR 500, (in hundreds)?

A: All purchases / refills must be in multiples of THOUSANDS.


Q: Will changing to TIZO affect the entire Timezone playing system?

A: All systems playing in Timezone have NOT changed, still the same as before. ONLY purchases / refills, bonuses, remaining / balance on the Powercard, and the price of games which changes to TIZO


Q: Why changed to TIZO?

A: Because Timezone wants to always improve the guest experience at our venue to be Simple, Cool and Fun, and Timezone plans to create a TIMEZONE REWARDS program, which will provide more benefits in the form of TIZO.


If you have other information / questions that you would like to ask, you can email us to :

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