3 Fun Things to Do in India with Kids

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With the ongoing pandemic having us all cooped inside our homes, finding things for kids to do is become a tricky business more than ever. Given the increased focus on safety and social distancing - the options for fun activities have been narrowed more than ever. Summer vacations have been spent staying at home and the pressure of online schooling; screen-time is becoming a norm and if like us you are desperate to drag the kids away from the TV or mobile phones/ tablets, you will find some great ideas here. It’s time to start exploring some of the things that you always wanted your kids to engage in, learn and excel at. As we ready ourselves to step out once again, within the safety parameters, here’s what you can do for safe and stress-free time:


Play at a park or visit a beach 

Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to channelize the unlimited resources of energy that kids come with. With the restrictions and limitations on playtime with friends, its important that the kids have some physical activity that not only exhausts them but also gives them a sense of achievement. Sports or games at the local park or beach is a great option. Try early mornings, it is the best time for a game of catch or frisbee with your little ones, or for siblings avoiding the crowding during day-time and using your own play-times this minimizes contact and at the same time re-energizes our mind and body.


Visit a Gaming Arcade/Game Zone 

While kids sure have homework and other tasks, having regular break-time can be vital to keeping one’s focus. Game arcades provide an excellent place to unwind, with something for everyone. Parents and their kids across different age-groups will have an enjoyable experience. The folks at Timezone, game zone in India/Mumbai, have your safety as their top priority. Their venues are compliant with all the government safety guidelines. With this worry aside, Timezone’s has the best gaming options including classic arcade games for kids to modern hi-tech gaming for youth. You could teach your kids the art of excelling in some of these games and win home a truckload of goodies. Winning aside, it is just the place to visit a stress-free break



Try indoor sports 

Indoor sports are becoming more and more popular, along with being safe they allow the kids and parents an opportunity to try something new and competitive at the same time. They are great fun and safe and many times allow the parents to sit back and relax as the kids enjoy the games! One great option is Bowling it has become an entertaining sport for today’s teens and young adults. It is one of the most popular indoor sports in India today, thanks to Timezone in Mumbai who has been consistently making this fun game option available. Stringent safety measures like only one player per lane, hourly sanitization and restricted access make it compliant to maintaining distance, minimizing touch and stringent sanitization policies. This place is a perfect go-to destination for a fun-filled family outing or reunion with friends.




If you end trying some of these activities, let us know! 
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