Must-Try Tech-Driven Places to Visit in Navi Mumbai

Vr Game

If you are going on holiday to India and looking for fun and thrilling places to visit in Navi Mumbai, we’ve compiled a few of the must-see places. The city is a hidden gem of modern tech activities. From dazzling VR rides to simulations that provide you with one-of-a-kind experiences, make sure you head to these places, including Timezone at Inorbit Mall, Vashi, to complete your trip.

Amusement Parks with Hi-tech Rides

Wonders Park

We all know the Taj Mahal in India is one of the seven wonders of the world. But did you know that you can find another replica of all seven wonders at the Wonders Park in Navi Mumbai?

You don’t have to travel far and wide to explore these world-famous landmarks when the park has them all in one place in genuine replica versions perfect for scenic photo taking.

Besides these, Wonders Park has thrilling tech entertainment featuring hi-tech roller coaster rides and an enchanting fountain light show you won’t want to miss.


Imagicaa is known for its water amusement and theme park rides, but perhaps you didn’t know that it also has other noteworthy tech-driven entertainment.

I for India is a simulated flying experience, offering a bird’s eye view across India’s breathtaking landscape. Cinema 360 – Prince of the Dark Water is another cool Virtual Reality (VR), game-like experience which takes you diving into a fantasy underwater world with mermaids. 

Other attractions include Deep Space, India’s first roller coaster in the dark where it simulates adventuring into deep space flying through black holes and around planets. And also Eyelusion – India’s first Augmented Reality (AR) attraction where you can view eye-popping special effects. 

Lastly, the Motion Box theater is a 4D motion simulator ride that lets you explore moves with 4D effects.

Escape Rooms

Apart from amusement parks, you can also enjoy mind-boggling fun in escape rooms in Navi Mumbai. Escapology’s Ward No.13 is great for horror movie fans, whereas Magical Kingdom is full of challenging puzzles around a fantasy premise of saving Neverland.

RedQRoom is another escape room you might want to check out in Navi Mumbai, with its Murder at Singhania Manion and Prison Escape games for more decoding fun.

Timezone at Inorbit Mall in Navi Mumbai Vashi, India

For more nonstop fun and excitement, hit up the Timezone Inorbit Mall in Navi Mumbai, for more tech entertainment. Timezone combines loads of fun-spirited tech activities in an all-in-one fun game hub for people of all ages. Over here, we can enjoy the latest VR and simulation games, modern arcade games, bumper cars, bowling, and more.

Virtual Reality (VR) Games

In the mall’s VR game zone, you will find virtual reality games such as the 9D Dark Mars, a simulator capable of hyper-realistic simulations of game battles, roller coasters, extreme sports, and ocean adventures, all with thrilling and immersive special effects.

Or, if you want something with real-life interaction, try the Zap cricket simulator. Cricket game lovers and newbies alike will enjoy batting several rounds in the cricket cage aiming at the life-like sports arena.

Modern Arcade Games

Timezone in Navi Mumbai, India, also has racing simulation games like Asphalt 9, Super Bikes and Derby Champions where you can have fun challenging your friends to see who finishes first.

There’s also Paw Petrol, Fruit Ninja and the Avengers arcade games, as well as laser games – something for all, no matter your age or interest.

Bumper Cars and Bowling

After several rounds of VR and arcade games, how about some competitive bowling at the alley with your friends? You can also head to Timezone’s bumper car arena and enjoy the flashing, colourful lights and colliding fun with a game of bumper cars.

Perfect for Tech Entertainment and as a Venue for Birthday Parties

Know anyone whose birthday is coming up during your holiday? Timezone’s party rooms provide the perfect venues to hold private birthday parties for kids and adults alike, so why not surprise the birthday kid with fun and games in one place?

One-stop Tech Entertainment Destination

Navi Mumbai is full of thrilling tech activities, and Timezone is the coolest game hub in the city, offering visitors the latest in thrilling arcade and VR games. If you are visiting the city looking for fun things to do, be sure to check out these places on your travel list and drop by Timezone in Vashi with your friends and family.