Timezone is Back! Yay!

tz blog image AIR HOCKEY.jpg

It seems like years (not months) with the lockdown and then the unlock. We’ve all become master chefs, amateur photographers, budding artists and of course our very own domestic help. Netflix and Zoom calls are a part of everyday routine and it's kind of now losing novelty. We all miss our old lives and hope for things to be normal as soon as possible.

As we slowly re-open and transition ourselves to our real lives but with a new normal, we at Timezone are waiting to welcome you back and hit PLAY. We put down a bunch of reasons for you to hit the GAMES ASAP!

Your little adventure to Timezone will not only be fun but safe with stringent hygiene measures in place and here is a host of other reasons for you to RUN NOW!

With limited entry, we suggest to ‘Check before you leave’ our new web portal which gives you an idea of the current guest occupancy at our respective venues. Your safety has always been our priority.

Break from routine

Being cooped up at home with work, housework, kids and TV is kind of getting mundane, leaving little or no time for self or any fun.

How about taking a break and challenging your master blasters on an arcade game or hitting the bowling pins with your gang once again. The Hurrays’ on dodging over the bumper cars or teaming up to score the maximum tickets will multiply the fun quotient and give a real sense of a break from routine.

Celebrating or catching up with friends

We all miss our close friends, we really do miss them and no amount of video calls make the cut. We want things to be the exact same way, while we all know that it is sometime away, and one of the best possible opportunity is to head over to the nearest Timezone. Catch up in the best way possible, racing cars fighting over air-hockey or a competitive game of bowling. Need we say all this is with the best safety practices - ‘Play Safe Stay Safe’ being our safety mantra, we believe in minimizing touch, maximizing hygiene and keeping a safe distance with zero compromises on a fun experience. Our team’s health is monitored regularly, and games are sanitized thrice in a day by our safety squads. Multiple sanitizer stations and ticket games switching to E-tickets fosters our pledge towards safety.

Time to redeem your prize

How can you let go of the hard-earned tickets that you and your gang have chased at Timezone? The attractive prizes at the Prize shop are awaiting you. E-Tickets in your power pack cards are ready to be redeemed and our merchandises are ready to roll. Head to your nearest venue and collect your reward. Our quarantined birthday celebrants we have not forgotten you, here is your chance to come and grab your gift.