Fun & Safe Family Ideas to do with Kids during Homeschooling

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The kids have been home all summer, with work and household chores, there is very little time and energy left to keep them entertained. With little do keep them occupied, the kids have been bouncing with sheer boredom, or they are glued to the television, or their digital screen, whiling away time.

But we are here to tell you that practicing social distancing does not mean not meeting friends or having a good time with your loved ones.

There are some safe and complaint options that can help to entertain the kids, keep them active and hopefully out of trouble!


Have a picnic: The school picnic or a family picnic is one of the sure-shot ways of getting the kids excited and jumping. The preparation, the anticipation and finally the actual picnic is a dream for every child. With safety being the latest buzzword in our dictionaries, you can bring the picnic at your doorstep. Collect your favorite bunch of kids and head to the terrace for a safe and fun-filled get-away for a couple of hours.

You can start by preparing a traditional picnic lunch of sandwiches, chips and fruits, plan some fun games and voila!


Throw a party: An out-of-home party or activity gets everyone moving. It infuses a sense of excitement and normalcy for the kids. You can do this either in the common area of your living complex or for a less stressful experience booking a play-area/ play zone exclusively for your kids and their friends. The timezone in Mumbai/ India is just the answer for you! They have the best and safety compliant party venues just for you. The venues are fit for all occasions: a fun weekend with friends, family times together, team-bonding and the most important – birthday parties.


At the center, you can expect mind-blowing fun with the latest gaming options. They host classic games such as Air Hockey, Zombie Snatcher, and Krazee Whirl Cars to keep kids happily occupied for hours. When you win at a game, you also get tickets which you can then redeem at our Prize shop and get spoilt for choices between awesome prizes. 



Organize a treasure hunt: Kids love a good scavenger hunt! While this may require a little bit of planning and creative thinking, the results can be absolutely mind-boggling. Parents can plant little clues around the homes/ living complex; this could include brainteasers, puzzles that can get the little minds ticking. Teaming up the kids to ensure teamwork and participation. Parents can then sit back and relax for a couple of hours, while the hunt does its magic on the kids.


Hit the indoor games: This is just the right time to get to kids involved in a sport, along with being safe they allow the kids and parents an opportunity to try something new and competitive at the same time. The best option would be the pickup from the array of indoor sports, be it table tennis, badminton or even bowling.


Bowling has become an entertaining sport for today’s teens and young adults. It is one of the most popular indoor sports in India today, thanks to Timezone in Mumbai who has been consistently making this fun game option available. Stringent safety measures like only one player per lane, hourly sanitization and restricted access makes it compliant to maintaining distance, minimizing touch and stringent sanitization policies. This place is a perfect go-to destination for a fun-filled family outing or reunion with friends.


If you end trying some of these activities, let us know! 
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