• Bowling Game and lane allocation shall be based on availability of lanes at any given point of time
  • Allocation shall be done strictly on First Come First Serve basis and in serial as indicated in the waiting list register as maintained at bowling counter
  • In case of waiting to ensure fair chance for all guests to play, the guests are requested to confirm their desired game plays at the time of allocation which cannot be increased later
  • Number of games as indicated in the waiting register by guests cannot be increased in case there are guests waiting to play
  • Guests to keep checking for their turn in the waitlist. In case the guests are not available during their turn, the lanes shall be allocated to the next guest in waiting
  • Timezone team at bowling shall confirm the estimated time to the guests in waitlist. This however is subject to change if there is a game malfunctioning or any other issue which causes obstruction / delay in game plays
  • The decision of Timezone management on game allocation remains final and binding