An Endless Amount Of Fun Things To Do In Timezone Mumbai 

Timezone India is proud to bring you the best game zone in Mumbai where you can enjoy wholesome family fun for you, your kids, and even teenagers. From classic arcade games to modern hi-tech gaming, Timezone, brings you the ultimate play zone to spend your weekends and after school.

Best of all, the amazing discounts, prizes, and rewards make it so that anyone can have the time of their lives at Timezone Mumbai. On Tuesdays, you get half-price discounts on games for you and a partner! When you win at a game, you also get tickets which you can then redeem at the prize shops for awesome prizes. Timezone is truly the ultimate game zone in Mumbai. At Timezone, you can expect mind-blowing fun and the latest gaming. There are classic games such as Air Hockey, Zombie Snatcher, and Krazee Whirl Cars to keep kids happily occupied for hours.

Of course, being the best places for all things entertainment in Mumbai, our Timezone locations also feature state-of-the-art bowling zones where you can have a competitive game or two with friends and family alike. Roll your troubles away at Timezone’s bowling alleys and enjoy a roaring good time in the comforts of a mall, as you and your loved ones challenge each other for top place in your own little friendly bowling tournament. 

Mumbai’s Best Gaming Zone For All Age Groups

For teens and adults, you will enjoy interactive competitive games such as Laser Spy and Virtual Reality Games in Mumbai. Timezone’s modified Social Bowling is a hit amongst the older crowd too where striking pins, challenging friends and having fun has no bar. 

Looking for fun things to do in Mumbai for kids? In the kids’ zone play area, there is also a mini-bowling alley with everything scaled down to cater for the kids. Timezone is all about including everyone for maximum fun in the entertainment centres in Mumbai. And now, for the first time ever in India, Timezone brings you Virtual Rabbids! It is a virtual ride that promises endless fun for kids, no matter their age.

Unforgettable Party Experience At Timezone Mumbai

For adults, it is important to relieve stress and let out the inner child to have as much fun as possible. Timezone’s game zone in Mumbai is also one of the best party venues to hold corporate events and social get-togethers. Bring your team down to the four bowling alleys in Mumbai, where there are seating areas for groups to entertain and socialise. 

Perfect for birthdays too, Timezone offers you the perfect kids’ party zone in Mumbai. If your child has a birthday party or team celebration, what better way to commemorate their big day than with lots of exhilarating activities at Timezone’s venues? Bring them and their friends over to Timezone Mumbai for an unforgettable party experience with an exclusive party room.

Timezone’s dedication to bringing pure, wholesome family fun in India stems from the success in over 100 other locations worldwide. Timezone has succeeded in bringing joy and laughter to thousands in various locations, and you can expect no less from the Mumbai game zone. Don’t know what to do this weekend? Treat your family and friends to the time of their lives here. They will not forget it. Contact here for more information and assistance.