Having fun in Noida is easy if you know where to look for it. And if you're at Timezone Noida, you're at the centre of endless gaming fun in the city.

Timezone Games specializes in family-friendly wholesome fun, catering to all age groups including children, teenagers, and adults. One of our locations is Timezone Logix in Noida, which is located in room 301 on the third floor of the Logix City Center Mall, Plot No-58, Block BW, Sector-32.

Fun for the whole family means lots of interactive games when you can compete against and cheer one another. At our game zone Noida location, we have many of these designed to offer endless fun times to the whole family.

Top in line among the favourite games is bowling in Noida. More specifically, the game zone has full-size bowling which allows children and experienced adults to bowl to their fill.

Unlike many other bowling centres, bowling in Noida's Timezone Logix centre doesn't require you to wear bowling shoes. We have found that this wastes valuable time and thus money. Instead, come as you are and bowl away.

Other popular gaming attractions at our Noida gaming zone are classic games such as Laser Spy. You get to play at being a top-secret, highly skilled spy like you see in movies such as Mission Impossible. Others include Maximum Tune 6 whether you strap in for endless high-speed racing fun, Virtual Rabbids, and Halo Sci-Fi Shooting.

Our state-the-art gaming facilities also include the latest hi-tech technology in gaming, including VR and online interactive gaming. Gamers who enjoy the endless possibilities of games like Star Wars are welcome to challenge their skills at our modern consoles complete with the latest in big-screen technology.

In addition to gaming and music, our centres hosts key attraction games such as Bumper cars wherein dodging and dashing cars with your loved ones is a next level of fun. Our venues are designed to add a sense of community so that you and your gang can enjoy each other's company as much as you enjoy the games. Each gaming zone has seating areas where you can eat, drink, and laugh the time away.

The Best Kids Party Venue in India

This also makes the Logix Center one of the best party venues in Noida. Whenever you have a party to host, consider bringing it to our game zone Noida location. We have all the facilities needed to host an unforgettable party with cakes, food, drinks, and, of course, lots of gaming.

Our other Timezone venue where you can hold your party is the Timezone Gaur City Mall, 3rd Floor, Sector-4, Noida.

As you spend precious hours with family and friends, remember to take lots of pictures at our digital booths. The best moments are fleeting, but if you have them at Timezone, they will be treasured forever.