Virtual Rabbids

Launched for the first time in India, this virtual game takes you and a partner to another world. With special Oculus VR gear and an attractive game cabinet, players can experience all the ups and downs, swerves and jumps just as if they were right there!

Krazee Whirl Cars

Timezone has added a Krazee element to the regular bumper car. Unlike traditional bumper cars, Krazee whirl is equipped with attractive LED illumination at the base of the car and dual joysticks that lets you spin all around, making it a completely head-spinning ride


Timezone provides an ultimate Bowling experience, with state-of-the-art scoring and bumpers for the little ones. It is complete with UV lights, music.

Also introducing Mini Bowling at select stores specially designed for kids and family with light weight balls and special animated features.

Timezone bowling has something for everyone. Plus, each lane has its own seating area where you can sit and enjoy with your gang of friends and family.

Laser Spy

Ever saw a James bond or Mission Impossible movie and fantasized about doing those missions in real life? Well, you can do those missions now! The game is as real as you can imagine. Gear up Folks, its time to complete some crazy missions!

First Time Ever In Maharashtra Laser Spy is the most engaging game you will ever play only at Timezone Seasons Mall Level 3. Dodging lasers, complete team tasks, unlock levels, collect secret codes and complete the final mission before time runs out.

Best suited for all kinds of groups such as families, friends, colleagues, Birthday parties as well as solo players also no limitations on age groups or height. People of all age groups enjoy the game equally.

Dance Dance Revolution 4

Look whose back better? It's none other than your favorite DDR! Flaunt your moves & step to the groove with Dance Dance Revolution 4! 

Visit Timezone Inorbit Malad 


Taking your experience to the next level with the new & exciting VR 9D.
This simulator ride brings you thrilling adventures through virtual reality

Get on the ride of experience at DB Mall Bhopal & Trilum Mall Nagpur

Maximum Tune 6

Fasten your seat belts and race your friends and family to reach the finish line because Midnight Maximum Tune 6 is now launched for the FIRST TIME IN INDIA at Inorbit Malad

Play on a driver unit to get the lifelike experience of a high-speed race down the highway. Make full use of the steering wheel, accelerator, brakes, & six-speed transmission! Go over 300 Km/h in a high speed race that takes place on a real city highway

Enjoy intense battles with friends or on your own with VS PLAYER | Online Ghost VS Battle | Story Mode |Time Attack!

Let's Go!

Valo Climb

Launched for the FIRST TIME in INDIA, taking your experience to the next level with the new & exciting Interactive Wall Climbing.

Play with your friends or family, with multiple difficulty levels and various themes to choose from. Create your own routes and levels to an awesome experience. Fun doesn’t end here, players can also play virtual ping pong! Isn’t it exciting to try?

The Mission Possible

Timezone introduces The Mission Possible – an absolute delight to laser fans. Make your way through by squashing laser beams. Challenge your friends and experience the thrill, keeping pace with your reflexes. Get through the maze as quickly as possible without hitting the laser beam. Think it’s possible?

Also try exciting laser squash, wherein laser lights, beam from a thematic wall and players need to smash those lights with a special squash racket and don’t forget to try your skills at laser Hit & Run – stamp on the laser beams flashing from the ceiling.



Halo: Fireteam Raven is a teamwork, cooperative sci-fi shooting game that was set in the timeframe of  Halo : Combat Evolved. This game allows a team of players to fight alongside the Master Chief in a 4 player shooting mode.

Have you tried it yet?