Package Offers

Want to be rewarded for having fun? Enjoy maximum rewards when you sign up for our special Play Arena package today!

This special package is applicable for guests who wish to purchase a direct Gold+ Card at Rs. 10,000. On top of the existing Gold+ rewards and benefits, guests are entitled to a balance of Rs. 12,500 and a Gold+ Kit, consisting of exclusive Timezone offers and other experiential offers specially curated for Gold+ Card Holders.

Gold+ Card Rewards

It’s time to bid physical tokens goodbye and welcome the Timezone Powercard that can give you access to any game or rewards with just a single swipe! Get your hands on exclusive benefits and offers when playing with our Play Arena Packages at all Timezone venues in India.

The Gold+ tier stands at the very top within the Timezone Rewards membership and offers you maximum rewards for playing and having fun. The best part? You can reload them and enjoy these rewards anytime at any of our Timezone outlets in India.

Gold+ members have access to special offers such as:

  • Free Rs. 400 game credits
  • 10% discount on game play
  • 2 Free Daily Games
  • Birthday Rewards include birthday party discounts, Rs. 500 bonus and 200 free tickets
  • Access to venue and products launches
  • Exclusive food and movie deals
  • And more!

Please refer to the Timezone Rewards table for more information on rewards and benefits offered.

With our Gold+ Rewards package,  playing has never been so rewarding.

How Do I Apply for A Gold Card?

In order to become a Gold+ Rewards member, head over to the counter at any of our arcade outlets to buy the Gold+ card at Rs. 10,000 and be automatically upgraded to the Gold+ Tier. Free games credit and discounted game plays will be credited automatically into your account when you sign up for a Timezone membership.

Be sure to register your cards online, as this will allow you to keep track and protect your credits. Doing so will also help you keep up with the exclusive offers, enjoy our latest promotions, and receive invitations to member-only events.

Sign up for the Gold+ Rewards package today to start enjoying these exclusive benefits today!