Ways to play with Timezone Powercards

Timezone uses a super-simple, reloadable Powercard system that stores your credit balance and the number of e-Tickets you’ve won. Simply choose your Powercard in store, load it up with credit or the timed play package of your choice, swipe and play! The price of the game is automatically deducted from your card balance, and any tickets you win are saved on the Powercard.

Protect your credits by registering your card online. Register your card today!

Upgrade to the Next Level with Cumulative Spending

Start with the Welcome Card and work your way up each Powercard membership tier the more you play! Upon reaching a cumulative spend of Rs.3,000/- and Rs.8,474/- to upgrade yourself to the Blue Edge and Gold+ tiers, respectively.

Once you’ve been upgraded to the next tier, free game credit and discounted game play will automatically be credited to your account. Be sure to head over to the Timezone counter for your new card.

Do note that cumulative spending does not include tax and bonus game credit earned from promotions and offers.