Timezone Rewards

Want to have fun and be awarded for it? Of course, you do! That's why it’s time to get your hands on a Timezone Powercard – and get ready for member benefits that will knock your socks off.

Register Your Powercard

Enter the reward zone when you register your Powercard via Fun App or online through Member Login and subscribe to marketing communications to unlock birthday rewards, exclusive tier deals, invitations to events, discounts on parties and MORE!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rewards FAQs


1. What is Activation Fee?

Activation fee of Rs.400/- enables the benefits and rewards on your Gold card. It is applicable only on card upgrades.


2. What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are based on the total net load accumulated on a Timezone Powercard. Reward Points excludes tax and bonus game credit earned from offers and promotions.

Example: A load of Rs.1300 offer shows a balance of Rs.1400 worth of game credits. The net load credited towards Timezone Rewards is Rs.1100 i.e. (Net of Tax amount on reload of Rs.1300/-)


3. How does Timezone Rewards work?

You can join Timezone Rewards by Registering your Timezone Powercard at our venue or online.

There are three membership tiers.

Welcome: A warm Welcome to Fun! Purchase a Timezone welcome card in any of our venues by loading our standard reload offers. Register your card and you will be enrolled into the Welcome Tier.

Blue Elite: Be part of Blue Elite Team. A cumulative spend of Rs.3,000/- will upgrade you to the Blue Elite Tier.

Gold: Go for Gold! A cumulative spend of Rs.8,474/- or direct buy of Gold card at Rs.10,000/- will upgrade you to the Gold Tier.


4. How do I join Timezone Rewards membership?

Create an account online via the Member Portal or download the Timezone Fun App, add your Powercard to your account and start getting rewarded.


5. How do I check My Reward points?

Download Timezone Fun App, Link your Card or visit any of our venues to check your Reward points.



1. Will my Timezone game credits & E-tickets expire?

Yes. Game credit and e-tickets will expire if the card is inactive for 12 months from last used date.


2. What are daily free games?

Daily Free Games are special privilege for Gold Members. It entitles them to play daily free 2 games. Free games are applicable on Video and Ticket games, however it starts in consecutive month of you joining the Gold Membership and requires a minimum spend of Rs.900 (net of tax) each month. 

Reloads through Fun App don't qualify for daily free games


3. How do I know when I am eligible to be upgraded to the next membership tier?

You can check your current status level in your online member portal account or via the Timezone Fun App. Upon reaching the required Reward Points for a tier, our team in a venue will be able to upgrade your Powercard. Please visit your local venue to upgrade


4. Can I accumulate my unredeemed free games?

Playing for free rocks! Though the daily free games are non-accumulative and will be refreshed daily.

Birthday Rewards

1. What is the validity of reward benefit offers?

Reward offers are issued only in the first year of joining the Rewards Membership.

Validity of the offers are variable and different for respective card tiers (Blue Elite and Gold)

Each offer is valid for limited period with its timeline defined in your respective Timezone Fun App account.


2. How often can I use my discount on birthday party package?

Discount on birthday party package is exclusive to Blue Elite and Gold members and valid for one-time use and can be redeemed by flashing the E-Voucher from Timezone Fun App at respective Timezone venue.

Maximum discount of Rs. 6250/- can be claimed for a birthday party


3. How do I get my birthday rewards?

Register your Date of Birth on Member Portal or Timezone Fun App. You shall receive a voucher code on Timezone Fun App in Vouchers section. Flash the code at the nearest Timezone venue and avail your Birthday Reward. The offer is valid per guest i.e. even if you have multiple cards the Birthday Reward Offer can be claimed only once. The voucher is valid for 1 month from date of issue.


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